Douglas Hawkins Beats Daisha Dawn Fry To Death

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Douglas Hawkins was arrested and charged with murder in Colorado for beating to death Daisha Dawn Fry with a metal baseball bat. According to police reports officers were called to the scene at the Colorado Springs home after someone called 911 and reported that Douglas Hawkins had hit her mother in the head and that blood was gushing from her head. Colorado Springs police would find Daisha Dawn Fry lying on the ground, the woman would be pronounced dead at the scene. Douglas Hawkins would turn himself into police a week after the brutal homicide and now faces charges of murder among others.

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A 41-year-old Colorado Springs mother of three might have died last week after her boyfriend allegedly “slammed” a metal baseball bat to her head, according to an affidavit.

The document states Daisha Dawn Fry was living with some of her children at her sister’s house when she was found bleeding from her head in her basement bedroom. In a 911 call, her sister said, “Oh, my god! He killed my sister! Her skull is on the ground,” the affidavit says.

Douglas Elton Hawkins Jr., 32, turned himself in almost a week after the Feb. 8 killing on the 6600 block of Bulge Drive near Cottonwood Creek Park on the city’s northeast side, police said. He was booked into the El Paso County jail without bond, court records show.

Fry’s death was the ninth homicide in Colorado Springs in 2022, compared to two homicides in the city at this time last year, police said.

The affidavit paints Fry’s and Hawkins’ relationship as tumultuous with a history of abuse and secretive to those close to them, with one in-law saying it was “weird” that Fry “would have a man in the house and not introduce him.” It also suggested Hawkins might have been homeless, and he was referred to by another name, Kyle, likely because, in part, Fry’s sister did not approve of their relationship and would not have Hawkins in the house.

Sometimes relatives and visitors would find a man, believed to have been Hawkins, sitting alone in Fry’s room without any notice, the affidavit says. The document also states he might have entered in and out of her bedroom for months through a ground-level window.

Though no one saw Hawkins strike Fry with the bat, those inside the home at the time heard some sort of commotion — one described it as a “banging noise,” and another compared it to “clanking sounds, almost as if somebody was hitting a pot or pan” — before Fry was found alone in her room.

The El Paso County Coroner’s Office ruled the death as a homicide and said the cause of death was “blunt force injuries to the head.”

On the night of Feb. 8, one of Fry’s children told police that her mother was arguing with Hawkins “because he was not supposed to be there,” the affidavit states. But shortly after, the affidavit says, the couple began “to kiss and touch one another.” The daughter was told to leave but later found her mother alone on the bed with blood “gushing” from her head, blood splattered on all four walls of the room and a bat with blood on it, the document alleges.

Hawkins was not in the room at this time, the affidavit says.

The document states Fry was introduced to Hawkins through her brother a few years ago, as both Hawkins and the brother met while they were in prison. It also hinted that Fry’s sister did not approve of the relationship with Hawkins, who is a registered sex offender after he was convicted in 2015 of kidnapping and raping a 14-year-old girl, online records show.

The couple appeared to have traveled from one state to another, including Washington, Michigan, Florida and Colorado, in the past, though their time together was marred with domestic violence, the affidavit states. Hawkins was arrested for domestic violence against Fry while in Detroit and Spokane, Wash., the document says.

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