bailey french teen killer

Bailey French Teen Killer Sets Up Mans Murder

Bailey French was a seventeen year old girl in Minnesota when a man made a sexual advance towards her and it cost him his life. According to court documents Bailey French, Anthony Howson, Deshon Bonnell and Joshua Lavalley were all hanging out when things went sideways. Apparently Joshua Lavalley made a pass at Bailey French […]

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patrick root

Patrick Root Teen Killer Murders Man During A Drug Deal

Patrick Root was seventeen years old when he shot and killed a man during a drug deal gone bad in Minnesota. According to court documents Patrick Root was mad that the victim instead of giving him drugs gave him a rolled up wad of paper. Patrick Root went to the victims home to demand his […]

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Brok Junkermeier Teen Killer Murders Elderly Woman

Brok Junkermeier and two other teens including the victims grandson planned and ambushed the seventy nine year old woman during a robbery. According to court documents Brok Junkermeier would ambush the victim. cutting her hands and forcing her to write a check before brutally stabbing her to death. Brok Junkermeier and the victims grandson expected […]

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david brom photos

David Brom Teen Killer – Murdered Family With An Axe

David Brom was sixteen when he would murder his entire family with an axe in Minnesota. According to court documents police went to the Brom residence after they were notified about a rumor floating around the school that something terrible happened in the Brom home. Police would discover the bodies of David’s father, mother, brother […]

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john McLaughlin photos

John McLaughlin Teen Killer School Shooter

John McLaughlin was responsible for the Rocon High School shooting in Minnesota. According to court documents John McLaughlin walked into Rocon High School looking for a particular student who he said was bullying him over his acne. McLaughlin would find the student exiting a locker room and proceeded to shoot him in the chest, the […]

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Jquan McInnis photos

Jquan McInnis Teen Killer Murders Man And Infant

Jquan McInnis was seventeen years old when he opened fire on a vehicle killing a man and a infant. According to court documents Jquan McInnis believed that the victim had stolen something from him so he would run up to the vehicle and fire five times striking and killing the man inside. This teen killer […]

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