teen killer

Martice Fuller

Martice Fuller Teen Killer Murders Ex Girlfriend

Martice Fuller was convicted in the murder of his ex girlfriend Kaylie Juga in Wisconsin. According to court documents Kaylie Juga had ended her relationship with Martice Fuller after he became physically abusive towards her. Martice Fuller would force his way into her home and shoot the fifteen year old teen and her mother. The […]

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joseph ebron federal death row

Joseph Ebron Federal Death Row

Joseph Ebron was sentenced to death by the Federal Government for the murder of a fellow inmate at the Beaumont Prison in Texas. According to court documents the prison murder was the third person that Joseph Ebron has committed the first being when he was just fifteen years old and the second when he was […]

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clay shrout teen killer

Clay Shrout Teen Killer Murders Family

Clay Shrout was seventeen years old when he would murder his family in Kentucky before taking a high school math class hostage. According to court documents Clay Shrout would shoot and kill his parents and his two younger sisters. Afterwards Clay Shrout would head to Ryle High School where he would hold a math class […]

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mary bell teen killer

Mary Bell Pre Teen Killer

Mary Bell was not even a teenager when she murdered two young boys in Britain. According to court documents Mary Bell, the day before her eleventh birthday would strangle a four year old boy in an empty home. During the time between the first murder and the second Mary Bell along with a friend Norma […]

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kristina fetters teen killer

Kristina Fetters Teen Killer Murders Elderly Aunt

Kristina Fetters was a fourteen year old girl from Ohio who would murder her elderly aunt. According to court documents Kristina Fetters was sent to a behavioral treatment center in January 2004 and in October of that year she made plans to run away and steal her aunts truck. This teen killer also told fellow […]

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shawn tyson

Shawn Tyson Teen Killer Murders 2 British Tourists

Shawn Tyson was a seventeen year old from Florida who murdered two British tourists who made the mistake of walking into the wrong part of town. According to court documents Shawn Tyson walked towards the two victims, James Kouzaris and James Cooper, with a gun drawn. The teen killer would demand money from the two […]

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