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  • Teen KillersSharon Carr

    Sharon Carr Teen Killer Devils Daughter

    Sharon Carr was just twelve years old when she fatally stabbed an eighteen year old woman to death. According to court documents Sharon Carr would attack eighteen year old  Katie Rackliff and fatally stab the woman to death. Apparently the teen killer chose the victim at random. Sharon Carr would not be arrested for two years when she was picked up…

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  • Teen KillersPieper Lewis

    Pieper Lewis Teen Killer Murders Alleged Rapist

    Pieper Lewis was a fifteen year old teen from Iowa who would fatally stab a man to death who she said repeatedly raped her. According to court documents Pieper Lewis alleged that the victim, 37 year old Zachary Brooks, repeatedly raped her a week before the murder. The teen killer would ultimately stab Zachary Brooks over thirty times causing his…

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  • Teen KillersAngel Bumpass

    Angel Bumpass Teen Killer Awarded A New Trial

    Angel Bumpass was thirteen years old when prosecutors said that she would murder a man during a robbery. Angel Bumpass would go on trial years later as apparantly they found a fingerprint on a piece of duct tape that was used during the robbery. Angel Bumpass would go on trial with Mallory Vaughn who was thirteen years her elder and…

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  • Teen KillersLandon Parrot Ohio

    Landon Parrot Teen Killer Murders Infant In Hot Car

    Landon Parrot is a nineteen year old alleged teen killer from Ohio who has been charged with the murder of his one year old son. According to police in New Philadelphia Ohio Landon Parrott purposely put his one year old son in a car and left the child there for over six hours in the 130 degree vehicle which caused…

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  • Teen Killersgabriel davies olympia

    Gabriel Davies Teen Killer Missing To Murder Suspect In Olympia

    Gabriel Davies whose disappearance prompted a search in Olympia Washington has now been arrested for murder. According to police reports Gabriel Davies and an unnamed 16 year old juvenile have been arrested for the murder of a fifty one year old man who was shot dead in his home. According to early reports Gabriel Davies and the victim were known…

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  • Teen KillersZachary Burkard

    Zachary Burkard Teen Killer Murders 2 In Virginia

    Zachary Burkard was an eighteen year old from Virginia who would murder two people over a social media beef. According to court reports Zachary Burkard was involved in an argument over social media with two high school students, 16-year-old Calvin Van Pelt and 17-year-old Ersheen Elaiaiser that escalated out of control. Zachary Burkhard would go over to a home in…

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  • Teen Killerslevi norwood

    Levi Norwood Teen Killer Murders Mother And Brother

    Levi Norwood was seventeen years old from Virginia when he would murder his mother and brother. According to court documents Levi Norwood on Valentines Day in 2020 would fatally shoot his mother, Jennifer Norwood and his six year old brother Wyatt Norwood. Levi Norwood then steal a car and flee the State however he would be arrested the next day…

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  • Teen Killerscaleb sharpe

    Caleb Sharpe School Shooter Gets 40 Years In Prison

    Caleb Sharpe was fifteen years old when he entered Freeman High School in Rockford Washington killing one student and injuring three more. According to court documents Caleb Sharpe was confronted by Sam Strahan who was fifteen years old and was fatally shot. The school attack which took place in 2017 would take five years to proceed through the court system.…

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  • Teen KillersJared Leonard Little

    Jared Leonard Little Teen Killer Murders Man During Drug Deal

    Jared Leonard Little was seventeen years old when he shot and killed a man during a drug deal in Texas. According to court documents Jared Leonard Little would go over to the victim’s home where he fatally shot him during a marijuana deal gone horribly wrong. Jared Leonard Little would be arrested and before his trial was scheduled to begin…

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  • Teen KillersErick Almandinger

    Erick Almandinger Teen Killer Sets Up Friends Murder

    Erick Almandinger is a convicted teen killer from Alaska who was found guilty of the murder of his friend. According to court documents Erick Almandinger would recruit three others to rob, beat and ultimately kill sixteen year old David Grunwald. Erick Almandinger would supply the murder weapon to Dominic Johnson, now 22, Austin Barrett, now 25, and Bradley Renfro, 21 who would…

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  • Teen KillersWilliam Hester

    William Hester Teen Killer Murders 4 Yr Old

    William Hester is a seventeen year old from South Carolina who has just been charged with the murder of his four year old stepsister. According to police reports William Hester allegedly suffocated four year old Joanna Lockaby and put her little body in a storage container behind the family residence. When police were called due to a missing child report…

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  • Teen Killersjeffery haynie

    Jeffery Haynie Teen Killer Murders Family

    Jeffery Haynie was sixteen years old from Grantsville Utah when he murdered four family members and attempted to murder a fifth. According to court documents Jeffery Haynie would wait for each family member to come home before shooting and killing them over a five hour period. Killed in the massacre were  Consuelo Alejandra Haynie, 52; Alexis Haynie, 15; Matthew Haynie,…

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  • Teen Killersscott kologi

    Scott Kologi Teen Killer Murders Family

    Scott Kologi was sixteen years old when the teen killer from New Jersey when he shot and killer four members of his family on New Years Eve in 2017. According to court documents Scott Kologi would use a a semi-automatic rifle to shoot and kill 18-year-old Brittany Kologi, his mother, 44-year-old Linda Kologi, his father, 42-year-old Steven Kologi, all of…

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  • Teen KillersTyrone Harvin teen killer

    Tyrone Harvin Teen Killer Murders Elderly Woman

    Tyrone Harvin was fourteen years old when this teen killer would sexually assault and murder his eighty three year old neighbour, Dorothy Mae Neil. According to court documents Tyrone Harvin was helping Dorothy Mae Neil with chores around the home when he attacked and would sexually assault and would severely beat the woman who would die days later from her horrific…

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  • Teen KillersCraig Mulligan

     Craig Mulligan Teen Killer Murders 4 YR Old Boy

     Craig Mulligan is a teen killer who at just fourteen years old would help kill a four year old boy Logan Mwangi. According to court documents Craig Mulligan along with his parents Angharad Williamson, 31, and John Cole, 40 would murder the four year old boy and throw his body into the river. Little Logan Mwangi suffered over fifty injuries…

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  • Teen Killersrobert cotter

    Robert Cotter Teen Killer Murders Father And Brother

    Robert Cotter was an eighteen year old teen killer from Fresno California who called police to say his fifteen year old brother murdered their father and then killed himself. However when police arrived at the Fresno residence it soon became obvious that something else was at play. Robert Cotter who attempted to blame the double murder on his fifteen year…

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  • Teen KillersEstevan Montoya

    Estevan Montoya Teen Killer Murders At House Party

    Estevan Montoya was sixteen years old when this teen killer pulled out a gun at a house party in New Mexico and fatally shot another teen. According to court documents Estevan Montoya and the victim JB White, 18 years old. were at a house party in Sante Fe New Mexico when violence broke out at the party. Estevan Montoya would…

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  • Teen KillersIsabelle Jocson

    Isabelle Jocson Teen Killer Murders 14 Yr Old Girl

    Isabelle Jocson is a sixteen year old alleged teen killer from Nashville Tennessee who was arrested for the murder of a fourteen year old girl. According to police reports Isabelle Jocson and the victim fourteen year old Malia Powell began arguing in a Walmart and the verbal disagreement would continue outside of the store. When the two teen girls were…

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  • Teen Killerspatrick gilmore

    Patrick Gilmore Teen Killer Murders With A Crossbow

    Patrick Gilmore was a seventeen year old teen killer from Michigan who would murder another teen with a crossbow. According to court documents Patrick Gilmore would shoot and kill seventeen year old Lane Roslund in Hasting Michigan. Patrick Gilmore would bury the body of Lane Roslund in his backyard. The search for Roslund was over a month long before his…

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  • Teen KillersFelipe Vazquez

    Felipe Vazquez Teen Killer Murders Police Officer

    Felipe Vazquez was a seventeen year old from Nebraska who would shoot and kill a police officer. According to court documents a number of police officers were in the process of serving a warrant on Felipe Vazquez for assault when the teen killer began firing. One of the shots would strike Lincoln police investigator Mario Herrera who would later die…

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