hadyn sainsbury photos

Haydn Sainsbury Teen Killer Murders Man In Oklahoma

Hadyn Sainsbury was seventeen years old when he fatally shot his mothers on again off again boyfriend in Oklahoma. According to court documents Hadyn Sainsbury was driving in a vehicle when he passed the victim. Haydn Sainsbury would jump out of the vehicle at the gun and fired five or six times at the victim […]

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henry hank laird photos

Henry Laird Teen Killer Beats Mother To Death

Henry Laird was seventeen years old when the teen killer from Oklahoma would beat his mother to death. According to prosecutors Henry Laird would attack his mother with a shotgun and would use the barrel of the weapon to strike his mother twenty times causing her death. At trial Henry Laird told the court that […]

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michael richardson photos

Michael Richardson Teen Killer Hired Gun

Michael Richardson was seventeen years old when he was hired by his girlfriend and his girlfriends mother to kill her husband. According to court documents Michael Richardson would be paid $6000 to murder the victim. Michael Richardson girlfriend Michelle Burney and her mother Patricia Burney would pick up the teen killer and he would hide […]

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tucker mcgee photos

Tucker McGee Teen Killer Murder In Oklahoma

Tucker McGee was seventeen when he murdered sixteen year old JaRay Wilson in Oklahoma. According to court documents Tucker McGee, Cody Godfrey and Caleb Mclemore came across the victim who would be beaten and shot in the head. The sixteen year old body was hidden and remained missing for fourteen months until guilt got the […]

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Byron Shepard Death Row Oklahoma

Byron Shepard Oklahoma Death Row

Byron Shepard has been sentenced to death for the murder of a police officer in Oklahoma. According to court documents Byron Shepard was pulled over by officer Justin Terney. Shepard who was a passenger in the car would provide a fake name then went running into the woods. When Officer Justin Terney chased him Byron […]

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Chloe Thomas photos

Chloe Thomas Teen Killer Murders Teen Girl

Chloe Thomas was sixteen years old when she participated in the murder of a teenage girl. According to court documents Chloe Thomas and Chadd Raymond would lure the young woman to a location where she would be brutally murdered. This teen killer would not be caught until she turned herself in six months after the […]

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