Koalten Orr photos

Koalten Orr Teen Killer Murders Fathers Fiance In Oklahoma

Koalten Orr was fourteen when he fatally shot his father’s fiance. According to court documents Koalten Orr would shoot Laura Hendrix and then walked to a police station to tell them what he had done. Initially Koalten told police he was being abused by Hendrix but this proved to be false. This teen killer would […]

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scott hain photos

Scott Hain Teen Killer Sentenced To Death In Oklahoma

Scott Hain was seventeen years old when he participated in a double murder in Oklahoma. According to court documents Scott Hain and Robert Lambert would carjack a vehicle in Tulsa Oklahoma with two people inside. They would force the driver to go to a remote location where the two people would be forced into the […]

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kaleigh fryer photos

Kaleigh Fryer Teen Killer Murders Father In Oklahoma

Kaleigh Fryer was fifteen years old when she began to have an affair with an older, married man, Jerry Chiles. According to Chiles Kaleigh repeatedly asked him to murder her father. In the end Jerry would do just that stabbing the victim multiple times causing his death. The murderous pair attempted to make it look […]

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Deonte Green photos

Deonte Green Teen Killer Murders Elderly Woman In Oklahoma

Deonte Green was sixteen years old when he would commit multiple armed robberies, sexually assaulted and elderly woman and murdered a man. According to court documents Deonte committed a number of violent robberies, broke into the home and sexually assaulted an eighty one year old woman and then broke into another home where he shot […]

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Joshua Mooney mugshot

Joshua Mooney Teen Killer Murders Woman During Robbery In Oklahoma

Joshua Mooney was fourteen years old when he broke into a home and when he was surprised by the homeowner he would shoot and kill the forty seven year old woman. Once arrested Mooney would brag to other inmates about the killing. This teen killer would be sentenced to life in prison without parole Joshua […]

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robert and michael bever photos

Robert And Michael Bever Teen Killers Murder Family In Oklahoma

Robert and Michael Bever are a pair of brothers who would murder their parents and three siblings in a case that shocked in Oklahoma. According to court documents the two teen killers wanted to undertake a mass shooting outside of the home that would rival the Columbine massacre but instead they took it out on […]

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