Oklahoma Death Row Inmate List

oklahoma death row

Oklahoma Death Row for men is located at the Oklahoma State Penitentiary in “H” unit. Oklahoma Death Row for women is located at the Mabel Bassett Correctional Center. Oklahoma primary method execution was lethal injection however that was discontinued and now the State is exploring nitrogen gas as an option

Oklahoma Death Row Inmate List – Women

Brenda Andrew

Oklahoma Death Row Inmate List – Men

Miles Bench

Ronson Bush

Jemaine Cannon

James Coddington

Benjamin Cole

Nicholas Davis

Dustin Davison

Scott Eizember

Richard Fairchild

Darrell Frederick

Ronnie Fuston

Richard Glossip

Clarence Goode

John Grant

Donald Grant

Wendell Grissom

Phillip Hancock

Marlon Harmon

Donnie Harris

Jimmy Harris

Raymond Johnson

Julius Jones

Wade Lay

Emmanuel Littlejohn

Ricky Malone

Mica Martinez

Alfred Mitchell

Alton Nolen

James Pavatt

Derek Posey

Gilbert Postelle

Richard Rojem

James Ryder

Anthony Sanchez

Byron Shepard

Kendrick Simpson

Michael Smith

Bigler Stouffer

Kevin Underwood

David Ware

Termane Wood

Oklahoma Death Row

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