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morgan mcdonald photos

Morgan McDonald Teen Killer Stabs Teen To Death

Morgan McDonald was seventeen years old when she stabbed another teenager to death. According to court documents Morgan McDonald confronted the victim about a man they both have had a relationship with. When the argument escalated the teen killer would stab the other woman in the neck. Although people tried to help the teen she […]

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Raistlin Martin photos

Raistlin Martin Teen Killer – Teen Murders Grandfather With An Axe

Raistlin Martin was fifteen years old when he attacked his sleeping Grandfather with an axe in North Carolina. According to court documents Raistlin Martin was found in his Grandfather’s room with the axe covered in blood by his father who would call police. The teen killer who has a history of mental illness was convicted […]

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crystal howell photos

Crystal Brooke Howell Teen Killer Murders Her Father

Crystal Brooke Howell was seventeen years old when she murdered her father in North Carolina. According to court documents Crystal Howell would fatally shoot her father who was sleeping on the couch. The teen killer would then conceal his body and threw parties in the home until his body would be discovered. Crystal Brooke Howell […]

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elizabeth shannon photos

Elizabeth Shannon Teen Killer Murders Her Stepfather

Elizabeth Shannon was just fifteen years old when she helped her mother kill her stepfather. According to court documents Joan Shannon marriage to David Shannon was falling apart as she had started an affair with another man. Joan Shannon would plan with Elizabeth Shannon to get rid of her stepfather so she could move forward […]

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Velma Barfield Photos

Velma Barfield – Women Executed In The USA

Velma Barfield was the first woman executed in the USA since it was reestablished in 1977 by the State of North Carolina and even though she was just convicted on one murder she confessed to six. Barfield came from an abusive household which she left by getting married at seventeen years old. Velma Barfield relationship […]

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