• Crime NewsBolanle Fadairo

    Bolanle Fadairo Charged With Double Murder In Texas

    Bolanle Fadairo has been charged with the murders of a father and his two year old son in a sickening case coming out of Texas. According to police reports Bolanle Fadairo would fatally shoot the victim after the two had arranged a meeting and then Fadairo would drive off in a vehicle with a two year old boy in the…

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  • Crime NewsAmanda-Guidry-texas

    Amanda Guidry Gets 80 Years For Daughters Death

    Amanda Guidry has been sentenced to eighty years in prison for injury to a child that led to the death of four year old Breonna Loftin. According to court documents Amanda Guidry and her boyfriend Jason Delacerda would abuse the four year old girl over a undisclosed amount of time that left the child with broken bones, bruises, cuts and…

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  • Teen KillersLeiyla Cepeda

    Leiyla Cepeda Teen Killer Murders Newborn

    Leiyla Cepeda is an alleged teen killer who would murder her newborn soon after giving birth to the little girl. According to police reports Leiyla Cepeda, who was seventeen at the time of the murder, would give birth to a little girl and then proceeded to stab the newborn to death with a pair of scissors. Leiyla Cepeda who is…

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  • Crime NewsGonzalo Lopez

    Wanted Gonzalo Lopez Reward $22500 For Capture

    Everyone in Texas is searching for missing inmate Gonzalo Lopez and the reward for his capture has been increased to $22,500. According to police reports Gonzalo Lopez, who was serving a life sentence for capital murder and attempted capital murder was being transported on a Texas Department Of Criminal Justice bus when he was able to get out of hiss…

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  • US Executionmelissa lucio

    Melissa Lucio Execution Delayed

    Melissa Lucio execution has been delayed by the The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. According to court reports Melissa Lucio was convicted in the murder of her two year old daughter. Prosecutors claimed that Melissa Lucio severely beat the child causing her death however Lucio has always claimed that the little girl fell down a flight of stairs. What complicated…

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  • Serial KillerBilly-Chemirmir

    Billy Chemirmir Charged With Killing 18 Women

    Billy Chemirmir is an alleged serial killer who is on trial for the murder of 18 women in the Dallas Texas area. According to police reports Billy Chemirmir was arrested after a 91 year old woman told officers that a man forced his way into her home and stole a number of items. When police arrested Billy Chemirmir he had a number of…

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  • Teen Killersali alabadi houston

    Ali Alabadi Charged In Pedrie Wannenburg Death

    Teen Ali Alabadi has been charged with felony murder following a car crash that left rugby legend Pedrie Wannenburg dead. According to Houston Texas police Ali Alabadi was driving a vehicle that was been pursued by police and slammed into the vehicle driven by Pedrie Wannenburg. The crash would kill the star rugby player and severely injure his young son.…

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  • Teen Killersjordin roache

    Jordin Roache Teen Killer Murders Kaytlynn Cargill

    Jordin Roache was a sixteen year old from Texas when he would murder fourteen year old Kaytlynn Cargill. According to court documents Katylynn Cargill was walking her dog around an apartment complex in Bedford Texas when she disappeared. The next day police would narrow their search to Jordin Roache who was last seen with Kaytlynn Cargill. Police would search his…

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  • Teen KillersRaul Cervera

    Raul Cervera Teen Killer Murders During Robbery

    Raul Cervera was fifteen years old when he would murder a man during a robbery attempt. According to court documents the teen killer and the victim Abram Garcia were in the middle of a drug deal when Raul Cervera decided to rob him, that decision would end in Garcia being fatally shot. Raul Cervera would be arrested and charged with…

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  • Crime NewsLucas Noble Dingman

    Lucas Noble Dingman Guilty Of Infants Murder

    Lucas Noble Dingman has been found guilty in a fatal arson that took place in 2011 that claimed the life of a eleven month old infant. The fatal fire took place in an apartment in Apple Valley California. When firefighters arrived they would find Lucas Noble Dingman and the infants mother outside of the home and a neighbor attempting to…

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  • Crime NewsTodd Lofton Shaw

    Todd Lofton Shaw Arrested After Child Dies

    Todd Lofton Shaw has been charged after his girlfriends 7 year old son died with serious injuries. According to police reports 911 was called about a child being in medical distress and when ambulance attendants arrived they found a severely injured seven year old boy. The child was rushed to the hospital however it was too late to save him.…

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  • Crime NewsBriana Lisset Soria

    Briana Lisset Soria Murders Man With Car

    Briana Lisset Soria is a woman from Texas who has been arrested and charged with murder after she ran down Erick Sanchez with a car. According to police reports officers were called to the scene and found the body of Erick Sanchez and a heavily damaged black Camaro. Briana Lisset Soria would be arrested at the scene after witnesses told…

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  • Teen Killerspayden allen

    Payden Allen Teen Killer Murders Father

    Payden Allen is a teen killer from Texas who would shoot and kill his father. According to court reports Payden Allen would fatally shoot his father Brandon Allen in the head. Payden Allen was suppose to attend a family event and when he did not show up they would ask police for a welfare check. However a neighbor would soon…

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  • Crime NewsLogan Barr

    Police Officer Logan Barr Indicted For Murder

    Forest Hill Police Officer Logan Barr has been indicted for murder in the shooting death of an unarmed suspect. According to police reports the suspect, Michael Lee Ross Jr, had just allegedly stabbed a woman to death and Forest Hill officers tracked him down. Michael Lee Ross Jr who initially refused to drop his knife was standing in a creek…

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  • Crime Newsgreg delgado

    Greg Delgado Pleads Guilty In Luis Guerrero Murder

    Greg Delgado has plead guilty in the Luis Guerrero murder in exchange for a lighter sentence. According to court documents Luis Guerrero was found in his vehicle after it crashed suffering from a gunshot wound. Luis Guerrero would later die from his injuries. Greg Delgado who was responsible for the murder would be involved in a shootout with police before…

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  • Celebrity Crimesnootie wild murder

    Snootie Wild Murdered In Houston

    Memphis rapper Snootie Wild was shot in Houston Texas on Friday and would succumb to his injuries on Saturday, Feb 26, 2022. Snootie Wild whose real name is LePreston Porter was found in a vehicle stuck in a ditch and the rapper had been shot in the neck. Snootie Wild was rushed to the hospital but unfortunately would later pass…

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  • Crime NewsBrandon Cervera

    Brandon Cervera Charged In Starvation Death

    Brandon Cervera has been arrested in the starvation death of his four year old son who died in 2021. According to police reports cellphone video has shown up showing Brandon Cervera four year old son Benjamin Cervera begging for food and water. The cellphone videos also showed the deterioration of Benjamin who was abused for a long period of time.…

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  • Crime Newshenry cossette texas

    Henry Cossette Arrested In Sara Goodwin Murder

    Henry Cossette has been arrested and charged with the murder of Sara Goodwin. According to police reports Sara Goodwin was last seen getting into a vehicle on February 6, 2022. Police are now saying that Henry Cossette would strangle the eighteen year old woman before dismembering her body and disposing of the remains. Henry Cossette would attempt to commit suicide…

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  • Crime Newsjason thornburg

    Jason Thornburg Charged With 4 Murders

    Jason Thornburg who was facing charges for three murders is now facing yet another murder charge. According to police reports Jason Thornburg was arrested following the discovery of three bodies in a trash dumpster in Texas which was on fire. The three bodies had been dismembered and later identified as 42-year-old David Lueras, 34-year-old Lauren Phillips, and 33-year-old Maricruz Mathis. Now police are saying…

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  • Crime Newsmichael burger

    Michael Burger Charged With Double Murder

    Michael Burger has been charged with capital murder in Texas after police responded to a crime scene in San Antonio and found two people shot to death. According to police reports Michael Burger was seen carrying a AR15 and a shotgun while shots were heard in the area. When police responded to the scene they found the bodies of a…

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