chance moseley photos

Chance Moseley Teen Killer Murders Pregnant Mother

Chance Moseley was fifteen years old when he murdered his pregnant mother in Texas. According to prosecutors Chance Moseley would stab his mother over fifty times before strangling her with a electrical cord. The teen killer would be arrested and convicted of capital murder. Due to his age at the time of the murder Chance […]

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Burnches Mitchell

Burnches Mitchell Teen Killer Released Kills Again

Burnches Mitchell was just thirteen years old when he stabbed James Fields to death and he was sentenced to ten years in the Texas Youth Commission. Soon after he was released Burnches Mitchell started to commit violent armed robberies and soon one would end with a murder. Burnches Mitchell would enter a convenience store and […]

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rachel pittman photos

Rachel Pittman Teen Killer 3 Murders

Rachel Pittman was sixteen years old when she murdered a mother and her two children. According to court documents Rachel Pittman extensively planned out the murder to the smallest details. On the night of the murder Rachel Pittman would make her way to the home armed with a knife and a container full of gasoline. […]

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zachary callens photos

Zachary Callens Teen Killer Murders Parents

Zachary Callens was sixteen when he murdered his parents as they slept in Texas. According to court documents Zachary Callens was upset that his parents were thinking of sending him to a public school and that they were strict so he decided to murder them. Zachary Callens would put on headphones and enter his parents […]

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jesus campos photos

Jesus Campos Teen Killer – Murderer Posts Murder Online

Jesus Campos Jr was a fifteen year old from Texas who would sexually assault and murder a teen girl and then post the attack online. According to court documents Jesus Campos and the victim Karen Perez were at an abandoned building with a number of other teens. However the others would leave and that was […]

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elmer henley photos

Elmer Henley Teen Killer – Dean Corll Accomplice

Elmer Henley was still a teenager when he became an accomplice to notorious serial killer Dean Corrll. Elmer Henley would be paid by Corrll to bring victims to the home of Corrll where they were tortured and murdered. In the end Elmer Henly would murder Dean Corrll. Elmer Henley was eventually arrested and sentenced to […]

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kevin davis photos

Kevin Davis Teen Killer Murders Mother With A Hammer

Kevin Davis would murder his mother before sexually assaulting her corpse in Texas. According to court documents Kevin Davis decided to murder his mother and did so by beating her to death with a hammer before sexually assaulting her dead body. The teen killer would be sentenced to life in prison without parole Kevin Davis […]

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ethan couch 2020 photos

Ethan Couch Arrested In Texas

Ethan Couch was sixteen years old when he drove a truck into a family on a Texas road. Ethan Couch would soon strike another vehicle killing four people. At trial Ethan Couch lawyer would put forward a aflluenza defense stating that his privileged lifestyle given to him by his parents who refused to set guidelines […]

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Magen Fieramusca photos

Magen Fieramusca Arrested In Heidi Broussard Case

Magen Fieramusca has been arrested in the Heidi Broussard missing case. Heidi Broussard went missing over a week ago under suspicious circumstances. After a lengthy search police discovered the body of the missing woman in a car outside of the home of Magen Fieramusca. The infant was found inside of the home. According to police […]

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