Corey Spencer photos

Corey Spencer Teen Killer Murders Pregnant Woman In Texas

Corey Spencer was fifteen when he took part in a murder. According to court documents Corey Spencer, Johnny Phifer and Dustin Bernard would shoot a young woman in the course of a robbery. The pregnant woman would die from her injuries. Corey Spencer and Johnny Phifer were both fifteen years old when the murder took […]

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tyler quain preston quain

Tyler Quain Aka Preston Quain Teen Killer Stabs Man To Death During Robbery

Preston Allen Quain who goes by Tyler Quain was sentenced to 99 years in prison for a brutal murder that took place when he was sixteen years old. According to court documents the Texas teen killer went to the home of the victim where he would first beat and then stab the thirty two year […]

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Travis Runnels execution photos

Travis Runnels Execution December 2019

Travis Runnels was executed by the State of Texas on December 11 2019 for a prison murder. According to court documents Travis Runnels who was serving a seventy year sentence for armed robbery would fatally stab a supervisor at the Clement Unit boot factory. There was no doubt that Travis Runnels committed the murder however […]

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Paris Bennett photos

Paris Bennett Teen Killer Born Psychopath

Paris Bennett was thirteen years old when he murdered his little sister. According to court documents Paris Bennett would convinced his babysitter to go home and when she left he would stab his four year old sister more than a dozen times. Paris Bennett would call 911 and tell the operator what he had just […]

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Alan Nickerson photos

Alan Nickerson Teen Killer Murders A Police Officer In Texas

Alan Nickerson was seventeen when he fatally shot a police officer. According to court documents Alan Nickerson and three other teens decided to rob two men, not knowing one was an off duty police officer, when the victim tried to run away this teen killer would open fire, striking and killing the victim. Alan Nickerson […]

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charles whitman photos

Charles Whitman University Of Texas Tower Shooting

Charles Whitman And The University Of Texas Tower Shooting Charles Whitman was a former Marine who was struggling with mental health that would end in tragedy. According to court documents on the morning of August 1, 1966 Charles Whitman would stab to death his mother and his wife before heading to the University Of Texas. […]

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Hector Acosta-Ojeda photos

Hector Acosta-Ojeda Sentenced To Death In Texas

Hector Acosta-Ojeda was sentenced to death in Texas for two brutal murders. According to court reports the self professed cartel hitman shot and killed the two victims while they slept in their bed. Hector Acosta-Ojeda would mutilate the bodies cutting off the head of one of the victims and placing it in a known area […]

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gary lee graham shaka sankofa photos

Shaka Sankofa AKA Gary Lee Graham Teen Killer

Shaka Sankofa aka Gary Lee Graham was seventeen years old when he murdered a woman. According to court documents Shaka Sankofa was on a one man crime wave where he committed armed robberies, sexual assaults and would end in murder. Gary Lee Graham would murder a woman in a parking lot during a robbery. Shaka […]

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jacob evans photos

Jacob Evans Teen Killer Murders Mother And Sister In Texas

Jacob Evans who also goes by Jake Evans was seventeen years old when he murdered his mother and sister. According to court documents Jacob Evans would call 911 and tell the operator that he had just shot and killed his mother and sister in their Texas home. When asked why he would murder them he […]

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