Robert Allen Satterfield Sentenced To Death In Texas

Robert Allen Satterfield

Robert Allen Satterfield has been sentenced to death in Texas for the murders of three people. According to court documents Robert Allen Satterfield would murder  28-year-old Ray Shawn Hudson Sr., 24-year-old Maya Rivera, and their 4-year-old son, Ray Shawn Hudson Jr. After the murders Robert Allen Satterfield would set the bodies on fire. Robert Allen Satterfield would be arrested, charged, convicted and ultimately be sentenced to death.

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Robert Allen Satterfield deserves to die for killing Ray Shawn “Baby Ray” Hudson Jr. of Angleton in 2018, a Wharton County jury unanimously decided Thursday afternoon.

The same jury convicted Satterfield of capital murder for the June 10, 2018, death of the boy, who would have turned 5 the next day. The child’s burned remains were found with those of his parents on rural property near Burr in East Wharton County six days after the family went missing.

After hearing closing statements by Wharton County Assistant District Attorney Natalie Tise, jurors were sent to the courthouse’s third-floor jury room at 3:22 p.m. to decide whether to sentence Satterfield to death or life in prison without the possibility of parole. At 4:22 p.m. someone said “they have a verdict,” and there was an audible gasp by some in the courtroom, followed by a buzz of anticipation.

Satterfield, cuffed, shackled and dressed in an orange Wharton County Jail-issued jumpsuit, was surrounded by seven Wharton County sheriff’s deputies as 329th District Judge Randy Clapp read the jury’s verdict.

Before the sentencing phase began at 9 a.m., Satterfield told the judge he did not want to stay in the courtroom to hear closing witnesses and arguments. Satterfield had dismissed his court-appointed defense team during the guilt-or-innocence part of his trial, leaving only prosecutors to argue his fate while he waited out the proceeding in a courthouse cell.

Rosenberg police arrested Satterfield on an unrelated drug charge after stopping him while he drove Rivera’s car June 13, 2018. Three days later, the Wharton County Sheriff’s Office reported, Satterfield led Texas Rangers to property owned by his child’s grandfather, where skeletal remains believed to belong to Hudson, Rivera and Baby Ray were discovered.

Satterfield has spent more than four years in the Wharton County jail. The four-week trial reportedly is the longest in Wharton County history.

The Wharton County District Attorney’s office decided to move forward with only the child’s killing after charging Satterfield with capital murder in all three deaths.

Hudson and Satterfield knew each other from spending time together in prison, Ramirez’s mother told The Facts in 2018. Hudson had been working with Satterfield to help him reconnect with his child, but her daughter wanted to distance the family from him, Frances Rivera said.

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