Roy Perkins Alabama Death Row

roy perkins alabama

Roy Perkins was sentenced to death by the State of Alabama for the kidnapping and murder of a woman. According to court documents Roy Perkins, who was a convicted sex offender, would kidnap the woman and would later shoot her in the chest. The woman was able to get to help however she would die en route to the hospital. Roy Perkins would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to death

Roy Perkins 2021 Information

AIS: 0000Z564
Institution: HOLMAN PRISON

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“On August 9, 1990, in north Tuscaloosa County, [Perkins] came to the residence of Cathy Gilliam, who was there alone except for her daughter. [Perkins], who was identified at trial, kidnapped the victim, Cathy Gilliam, with a handgun while victim’s daughter watched. [Perkins] then drove away with the victim, and the daughter called for help.

“About an hour later, [Gilliam] showed up at Maudeen Hoods’ residence, stating she’d been shot, was dying and needed help. Ms. Hood called the authorities. [State Trooper Eldon] Willingham got information on the suspect, his vehicle and direction of travel from [Gilliam]. He noted that [Gilliam] had been shot in the chest but not through the front of her shirt. The evidence was that [Gilliam] also did not have gunpowder stippling on her shirt. [Gilliam] was taken to a hospital but died before getting there. The bullet wound had an exit point just to the right of center on her back. [Gilliam] also had a stab wound near her clavicle and a broken bone in her neck.

“Chief Deputy Butch Hopson of Fayette, Alabama, on August 8, 1990, heard about a shooting or kidnapping by [Perkins] or someone fitting his description, over his radio. He was driving toward Tuscaloosa County and saw [Perkins], whom he recognized, coming toward him in a truck. He turned around and went after [Perkins], who drove to a road and abandoned the truck. The truck had been missing from its owner along with a long rifle and a .357 Magnum caliber handgun. The truck was abandoned less than a mile from [Perkins’s] mother’s house.

“[Perkins] was captured a few days later in the woods after a big manhunt. It was later learned that [Perkins] had gone to Darlene Hall’s house, which was near [Gilliam’s] house, just before going to [Gilliam’s] house. Ms. Hall got suspicious of [Perkins], who asked to use her phone, and had seen his picture in the newspaper as a suspected rapist. She ran him off with an unloaded rifle. [Perkins] left in a truck.

“[Perkins] had been in prison for rape, second degree, and was out on parole. About August 1, 1990, he had asked his cousin, [B.P.], to help him. [Perkins] drove her to a block building near his mother’s house. [Perkins] pulled a knife on her and forced her to have sexual intercourse with him. She was able to escape eventually. About August 6, 1990, [D.W.] was grabbed by [Perkins] and taken to the same block building at knifepoint and forced to have repetitive sexual intercourse and sodomy with [Perkins]. Her hands were tied during the sexual attacks.

“At trial, evidence proved beyond a reasonable doubt that [Perkins] kidnapped [Gilliam] with intent to violate her sexually or to inflict physical injury on her and that, during this kidnapping, [Perkins] intentionally caused [Gilliam’s] death by shooting her with a gun, specifically a .357 magnum caliber handgun.”

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  1. These people think they so smart!!! BUT they got caught Right where they need to be. Punishment should be done to them exactly what they did to their victims

  2. This piece of feces should not have lived this long. He took my aunt in front of her daughter and had no regret nor remorse. The tax payers have spent too much money housing these lowlifes. Open the fastlane and get these burdens off us.

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