Ruben Cardenas Texas Execution

Ruben Cardenas texas photos

Ruben Cardenas was executed by the state of Texas for the sexual assault and murder of his sixteen year old cousin. According to court documents Ruben Cardenas would sneak through a window and abduct sixteen year old Mayra Laguna. The teen would be sexually assaulted and murdered. Ruben Cardenas would deny that he was responsible … Read more

Patrick Hannon Florida Execution

Patrick Hannon photos

Patrick Hannon was executed by the State of Florida for two murders committed in 1991. According to court documents Patrick Hannon and two other men James Acker and Ronald Richardson would murder Brandon Snider, 27, and Robert Carter, 28. James Acker would receive a life sentenced and Ronald Richardson would testify against the two others … Read more

Michael Lambrix Florida Execution

Michael Lambrix photos

Michael Lambrix was executed by the State of Florida for a double murder committed in 1983. According to court documents Michael Lambrix invited the two victims over to his home and proceeded to murder them. Michael Lambrix claimed that Clarence Moore murdered Aleisha Bryant and that Lambrix murdered Moore in self defense. Michael Lambrix would be … Read more