california death row

Miguel Crespo photos

Miguel Crespo California Death Row

Miguel Crespo has been sentenced to death in California for the murder of his cellmate. According to court documents Miguel Crespo was paired up with a transgender inmate and it went bad from the start. Within eight hours of the two being paired up the victim was bound, tortured and murdered. This case brought the […]

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Anthony McKnight

Anthony McKnight Found Dead On California Death Row

Serial Killer Anthony McKnight was found dead in his cell on California Death Row. According to news reports no official cause of death was released. Anthony was jailed in the 1980s for a series of rapes and attempted murders of three women. However in the early 2000’s his DNA was matched to a number of […]

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Michael Gargiulo photos

Michael Gargiulo Jury Recommends Death Penalty

Michael Gargiulo jury has recommended the ultimate penalty and believe that the Hollywood Ripper should be sentenced to death. Gargiulo was convicted on two murders and an attempted murder relating to three attacks in California where Gargiulo waited for the women then viciously attacked with a knife. The Hollywood Ripper case was highly publizied due […]

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Rigoberto Villanueva California Death Row

Rigoberto Villanueva California Death Row Rigoberto Villanueva was sent to jail and was awaiting trial for the murder of an ex girlfriend.  However four months later he would murder an elderly man who was a cellmate with him inside of the facility.  Now a jury has convicted him of both murders and sentenced him to […]

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Dedrick D Gobert photos

Dedrick Gobert A Life Cut Short

Dedrick Gobert was another actor who made his big screen premier in the film Boyz N The Hood and would die at a very young age similar to actor Lloyd Avery. Dedrick played the character Dooky who is best remembered for his ever present pacifier and being in a wheelchair. After Boyz N The Hood […]

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Manling Tsang Williams

Manling Tsang Williams Women On Death Row

Manling Tsang Williams in one night managed to kill her entire family and for it she will now sit on California death row for decades to come. According to court documents Manling Tsang Williams would fatally stab her husband with a samurai sword before smothering her two small children. Manling Tsang Williams apparently murdered her […]

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Cathy Lynn Sarinana

Cathy Lynn Sarinana Women On Death Row

Cathy Lynn Sarinana and her husband Raul Sarinana are evil people who should have never been let around children. According to police documents Cathy Lynn Sarinana and her husband are responsible for two deaths, both young boys. The pair were suppose to be looking after a pair of nephews but one of the nephews would […]

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Brooke Marie Rottiers

Brooke Marie Rottiers Women On Death Row

Brooke Marie Rottiers was convicted of a murder that would end up with her taking up residence on California death row. According to court documents Brooke Marie Rottiers and two others would convince two men to go to their hotel room where they were brutally murdered and robbed. Brooke Rottiers who was working as a […]

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Tanya Jaime Nelson Women On Death Row

Tanya Jaime Nelson went to a fortune teller in California and when her fortune did not come true she would murder the woman and her daughter. According to court documents Nelson was in California and went to the fortune teller to find out if her business would succeed if she relocated her business from North […]

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