Richard Ramirez Serial Killer – The Night Stalker

richard ramirez night stalker serial killer

Richard Ramirez was a serial killer that terrorised Los Angeles for a year before he was finally captured. Dubbed the night stalker by the press his odd looks and stories have kept almost a cult following around him until his death in 2013.

Richard was the son of a former Mexican police officer who immigrated to the United States before he was born. His father was prone to anger and reports had him abusing his children.

Ramirez first sexual assault occurred while he was working in a Los Angeles hotel when a husband caught the then teenager attempting to rape his wife. The husband would beat the tar out of him but because they were out of state they did not want to return to testify against him so charges were dropped.

Richard was twenty four years old when he killed his first victim a nine year old girl who was sexually assaulted and then murdered before hanging her body from a pipe. Years later Ramirez DNA would be matched to samples found at the scene. There was also a second DNA sample who authorities was tied to a juvenile however there was not enough to prosecute

The Night Stalker crime spree would take off a couple of months later in 1984 with the brutal murder of a seventy nine year old woman. The woman had been stabbed to such an extent that she was nearly decapitated.

The next victims would be murdered during a home invasion where Ramirez would shoot a woman in her garage and then shoot another person inside of the home. Later that same day another woman would be shot during a carjacking. Out of the three victims only the first would survive

The next set of murders took place during a burglary. Ramirez would shoot and kill the male homeowner before tying up his wife and demanding to know where the valuables were. In the end Ramirez would stab the woman to death and mutilate her body.

The next victim would take place during a robbery where the male homeowner was shot fatally in the head and the female homeowner would be sexually assaulted and beaten.

A couple of weeks later Ramirez would break into the home of two elderly sisters who would be beaten with a hammer then Richard ransacked the home. One of the elderly sisters would die from her injuries. Richard would draw a pentagram on the victim and on the walls of a bedroom

Ramirez would rob another home and would handcuff the female homeowner and her eleven year old child while he searched the home for valuables

Soon after Ramirez would enter the home of an elderly woman who would be fatally stabbed to death

Richard would attack a sixteen year old girl who he would try to strangle with a phone cord and attacked with a knife. When Ramirez saw sparks coming from the phone cord he thought Jesus Christ was intervening and ran from the scene. The teenager would survie

Ramirez would break into the home of an elderly female who he would beat to death. The same night he broke into another home where he would attempt to rape the woman before fleeing

Richard would break into yet another home two weeks later where he would stab the elderly couple before fatally shooting them. Ramirez would break into another home where he would murder the male homeowner before sexually assaulting and beating the wife

Ramirez would then break into a home outside of Los Angeles and would shoot both of the homeowners but thankfully they would survive.

Ramirez would rob another home where he again shot and killed the male homeowner before repeatedly sexually assaulting the wife. He would brag that he was the Night Stalker and told her to tell the police

Ramirez realising police were searching for him in Los Angeles would travel to San Francisco where he continued his murderous ways. He would break into the home of a elderly couple where he would fatally shoot the male and sexually assaulted the woman.

Richard would then break into yet another home where this time he would be chased away by the homeowner and his son.

Ramirez broke into his last home where he would fatally shoot the male homeowner before sexually assaulting the female. Ramirez beat the woman badly however she would be able to get to a neighbors home and gave police a full description. Police would get a ton of evidence from the scene and soon had enough to identify Ramirez

In the end Richard Ramirez would be arrested and then convicted on eleven murders, a number of sexual assaults and robbery charges. He was then sentenced to death.

Richard Ramirez would stay on death row until his death in 2013

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