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Kelly Cochran Serial Killer – The Female Psychopath

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Kelly Cochran photos

Kelly Cochran is a woman who has been convicted in two murders but has confessed to nine more murders. According to court documents Kelly Cochran and her husband planned to kill one of his coworkers. The murderous couple had Kelly have sex with the coworker than her husband came into the room and fatally shot the man. The couple would then leave Michigan after they dismembered the victim. Kelly Cochran would disappear but when she was finally caught by police they wanted to know about the victim and how her husband had died. Apparently Kelly was tired of her husband and would shoot him up with heroin before strangling him. This serial killer would be convicted in murder in both Michigan and Indiana and sentenced to life terms. After her conviction Cochran would tell authorities that she murdered at least nine more people and authorities are currently trying to verify her story

Kelly Cochran 2019 Information

MDOC Number:356714

SID Number:5267595X


Racial Identification:White




Height:5′ 10″

Weight:165 lbs.

Date of Birth:06/05/1982  (37)

Kelly Cochran Other News

A woman convicted of killing both her husband and lover may have murdered another nine men, making her one of America’s worst female serial killers, according to her own family.

Kelly Cochran is suspected of serving the dismembered remains of one victim at a barbecue for neighbours, her brother said.

The astonishing claims – which suggest the 34-year-old slew and buried men across four Midwest states – are made in a new documentary which interviews investigators, friends and family.

It comes just a month after the killer, of Lake County, Indiana, was sentenced to 65 years in prison for injecting husband, Jason Cochran, with a lethal dose of heroin in 2016.

She was already serving life for shooting dead lover Chris Regan, who vanished in 2014. It is he who may have ended up being cooked for friends.

The two-part documentary, called Dead North, probes Cochran’s suspected links to other possible murders in Michigan, Indiana, Tennessee and Minnesota.

The film, which will air on Investigation Discovery, follows former Iron River police chief Laura Frizzo, who first investigated Regan’s disappearance.

She learned Cochran was having an affair with the 51-year-old soon after he went missing but the case went cold until Jason Cochran, 37, died of a suspected overdose on February 2016. Later on, investigators found he was murdered by his wife, who smothered him as he lay immobilised.

Cochran then admitted she and her husband had, two years previously, lured Regan to their home, shot him and dismembered him. Cochran said the slaying had been part of a “pact” to “kill off anyone involved in their extramarital affairs”.

But she said she was angry at her husband and killed him as revenge for his part in murdering Regan.

In between the two convictions, Cochran’s brother, Colton Gaboyan, came forwards to say he believed his sister had nine additional victims to her name, the documentary reports – although it offers no hint as to who they might be.

If true, it would make Cochran one of the worst female serial killers in modern America, eclipsing the seven victims of Aileen Wuornos, arguably the most notorious of all after Charlize Theron played her in 2003 film Monster.

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kelly cochran 2019 photos

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Frequently Asked Questions

Kelly Cochran Snapped

Kelly Cochran case was featured on Snapped, Season 24, Episode 13

Kelly Cochran Update 2020

Kelly Cochran is currently incarcerated at the Huron Valley Complex Women’s

Kelly Cochran Release Date

Kelly Cochran is serving two life without parole sentences. Her most recent appeal of her sentence was denied

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