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David Freeman was sentenced to death by the State of Alabama for a double murder. According to court documents David Freeman would go over to the home of his ex girlfriend and kill her and would sexually assault and murder her mother. David Freeman who committed the double murder because the girl broke up with him. David Freeman would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to death

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AIS: 0000Z506
Institution: HOLMAN PRISON

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 The evidence against Freeman was overwhelming.   In its sentencing order, the trial court made the following findings of fact concerning the crime and Freeman’s participation in the murders:

“On March 11, 1988, Deborah Gordon Hosford picked up her sister, [17-year-old] Sylvia Gordon, from Lanier High School [in Montgomery] and drove to their home at 29 Rosebud Court, arriving at approximately 3:30 p.m. Waiting on the porch was the defendant, David Freeman, who had ridden his bicycle to their home.   David Freeman ․ lived in a trailer near the Gordon home, and he wanted a romantic relationship with Sylvia Gordon.   Sylvia was not romantically interested in Freeman, and was planning to tell him that she no longer wished to see him.   Deborah, Sylvia, and Freeman entered the home.   Deborah had to return to work and left at approximately 3:45 p.m. When she left, Freeman and Sylvia were sitting on the couch.

“David Freeman had given Sylvia a note essentially stating that he did not like seeing her only once a week, that he loved her, and that he did not want to lose her like all of his other girlfriends.   Sylvia in return gave Freeman a note stating that she viewed the relationship only as friendship and that she did not want to have a serious relationship.   Approximately a week prior to the murders, Freeman had a conversation with Francis Boozer, a co-worker, and told her that he would rather see Sylvia dead than [for] someone else have her.

“At about 1:00 a.m. Deborah Gordon Hosford returned home.   She found the lights of the home turned off and the door unlocked and slightly ajar.   She went inside and noticed that the house had been ransacked.   She went to her sister’s bedroom and found Sylvia, dead, in her bed with multiple stab wounds and clad only in a T-shirt and socks.   As she was fleeing the house, she saw her mother, [43-year-old] Mary Gordon, lying in a pool of blood on the floor of her bedroom.   Mrs. Gordon was clad only in a shirt, with her body being nude from the waist down with her legs spread apart.

“Police arrived at the Gordon home and found blood throughout most of the house.   Mary Gordon was stabbed 14 times by David Freeman;  two wounds were fatal.   She lived for about five minutes [after being stabbed the first time].   She had also been raped, and the semen deposited in her was consistent as having been left by Freeman.   Sylvia Gordon was stabbed 22 times by him, and she remained conscious for eight to ten minutes after the first wound was inflicted.   None of the wounds were fatal;  Sylvia Gordon bled to death.   Examination also revealed that Sylvia Gordon had tears in her vagina.   Additionally, police found a shoe print on the shirt of Mary Gordon and a shoe print on a card found on the floor near the body of Mary Gordon.   Police also noted that all [telephone] lines in the house had been cut.

“Freeman had brought a knife with him and used it to brutally kill Sylvia Gordon because she did not want a relationship, as well as [to] kill Mary Gordon when she walked in on the murder.   After committing the murders, Freeman stole the Gordons’ 1980 Pontiac Sunbird and put his bike that he had ridden to the Gordon home in it and fled the scene.   He attempted to establish an alibi by later going to work.   The Gordons’ car was found in a parking lot near Freeman’s apartment.   Freeman’s fingerprint was found on the car and blood that was consistent with that of Sylvia Gordon and Mary Gordon was also in the car.   Additionally found in the car was a butcher knife that had been cleaned of blood.   The butcher knife was examined by an expert in trace evidence with the Department of Forensic Sciences and was determined to be consistent with having caused the wounds to Mary Gordon, to cut the bra and panties of Mary Gordon, and to cut the jeans of Sylvia Gordon.

“When the police arrived at Freeman’s apartment, Freeman answered the door, and the officers noted a bandage on Freeman’s right hand.   When asked how he cut his hand, Freeman lied, claiming that he had cut his hand while repairing a chair.   Freeman was arrested at his apartment.   The police, upon a consent to search, found the clothing worn by Freeman, which had blood consistent with that of Sylvia Gordon on them.   A mixture of blood and semen was found in the underwear that he had worn.   His shoes were seized and compared to the prints found on the shirt of Mary Gordon and the card found in the Gordon home.   Examination revealed that Freeman’s shoes were consistent with the prints found at the scene.   Bite marks were noted on Freeman’s arm, which were [determined to have been] made by Sylvia Gordon.

“Freeman initially lied to the police as to his involvement in the crimes.   He tried to establish an alibi for his whereabouts.   However, when confronted with the evidence, Freeman admitted to stabbing Sylvia Gordon and stated that upon Mary Gordon’s entering the home he had no choice but to stab her.   Freeman also claimed to have blacked out on two occasions during the crimes.


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  1. This is incorrect. She was not his ex-girlfriend. She was a disinterested party who was stalked and murdered when she rejected a man.

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