• Crime Newswilliam mccue carina mccue

    William and Carina McCue Charged In Fatal Fire

    William and Carina McCue are from Georgia and have now been charged in the fatal fire that killed their ten year old daughter however the story that is coming out is so much worse. Back in April 2022 William and Carina McCue son, a fifteen year old boy who has not been publicly named, set fire to their home and…

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  • Crime NewsDarlene Brister

    Darlene Brister Charged With 3 Kids Murders

    Darlene Brister is a woman from Georgia who has just been charged with the murders of 3 children and attempted to kill 2 more. According to police reports Darlene Brister would stab five of the children in the home before setting the house on fire. Three of the children would die from their injuries and the two others would be…

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  • Death Row InmatesRicky Allen Dubose

    Ricky Allen Dubose Georgia Death Row

    Ricky Allen Dubose was sentenced to death by the State of Georgia for the murders of two prison guards during an escape. According to court documents Ricky Allen Dubose and Donnie Rowe were able to slip out of their handcuffs while being transported by prison employees. Ricky Allen Dubose would grab an officer’s gun and open fire killing correctional guards…

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  • Teen KillersZoe McCue

    Zoe McCue Murder 15 Year Old Brother Charged

    Zoe McCue was a little ten year old girl from Loganville Georgia who died in a house fire which her fifteen year old brother has been charged with setting. According to police reports Zoe McCue was home alone with her brother when the fire started around 5:00 am. When firefighters arrived at the scene they would find the home fully…

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  • Crime NewsRobert Tincher III

    Robert Tincher III Murders Grandmother By Stuffing Her In The Freezer

    Robert Tincher III is a man from Georgia who was just charged with his grandmothers murder by stuffing her in the freezer. According to police reports Robert Tincher III would stuff his grandmother in the freezer months before she was discover while she was still alive and proceeded to leave her there. Georgia police believe that the grandmother, Doris Cumming,…

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  • Crime Newsjacob muse

    Jacob Muse Charged In Georgia Shooting Range Murders

    . Jacob Muse has been arrested and charged for the triple murder at the Lock, Stock & Barrel in Georgia. According to police records Jacob Muse allegedly walked into the Lock, Stock & Barrel and would shoot and kill Tommy and Evelyn Hawk as well as their grandson Luke Hawk. It is not known at this time if Jacob Muse…

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  • Crime Newsjoshua fleetwood

    Joshua Fleetwood Charged In Lakevia Jackson Murder

    Joshua Fleetwood has been charged with the murder of Lakevia Jackson which took place at a bowling alley in Atlanta Georgia. According to police reports Joshua Fleetwood and Lakevia Jackson were involved in an argument over a bowling ball. Joshua Fleetwood would leave the bowling alley and wait for Lakevia Jackson to leave the building. When Lakevia Jackson came outside…

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  • Crime Newsdemarcus little

    DeMarcus Little Guilty In Anitra Gunn Murder

    DeMarcus Little has been found guilty in the murder of Anitra Gunn. According to court reports DeMarcus Little and Anitra Gunn were involved in a volatile relationship that ended badly. DeMarcus Little would be arrested and charged with breaking the windows and slashing the tires of her car. While DeMarcus Little was in jail he would be charged with the…

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  • Crime NewsVinath Oudomsine pokemon

    Vinath Oudomsine Sent To Prison Over Pokemon Card

    Vinath Oudomsine was sentenced to three years in prison over a Pokemon card. Well not exactly as it seemed Vinath Oudomsine used $57,000 that he received from illegally getting a coronavirus grant loan to buy the Pokemon card. So as part of the agreement Vinath Oudomsine agreed to plead guilty to one count of wire fraud and had to give…

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  • Crime NewsSeth Perrault Amanda

    Seth Perrault Guilty Of Wife’s Murder

    Former police officer Seth Perrault has been found guilty in the murder of his wife Amanda Perrault. According to court documents Seth Perrault initially reported the death of his wife Amanda Perrault as a suicide however his story would soon fall apart. Just days before Amanda’s death Seth Perrault has been released from jail on a domestic violence charge in…

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  • Crime NewsMatthew Lanz

    Matthew Lanz Charged With Double Murder

    Matthew Lanz has just been indicted for a double murder that took place in Georgia. According to police reports Matthew Lanz had been in a longstanding dispute with his neighbors that ended when Lanz broke into their home and murdered the couple. Matthew Lanz picked up an additional charge for leaving the murdered couple’s toddler alone with the bodies for…

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  • Crime Newsmelissa henderson

    Melissa Henderson Facing Prison For Letting Daughter Babysit

    Melissa Henderson is a single mother from Georgia who allowed her fourteen year old daughter to babysit while she went to work and now she is facing jail time. According to police reports Melissa Henderson was working and due to the Covid pandemic typical forms of child care such as a nursery were closed so she allowed her daughter to…

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  • Teen Killersadarus macio black

    Adarus Macio Black Teen Killer Arrested In Georgia

    Adarus Macio Black an alleged teen killer was arrested in Georgia after nearly two years on the run for murder. Adarus Macio Black who was wanted by police in Ohio and the FBI was finally captured and soon will be brought back to Ohio to stand trial for the murder of Na’Kia Crawford in Akron. According to police reports Adarus…

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  • Teen Killerscandace walton

    Candace Walton Teen Killer Murders Mother And Brother

    Candace Walton was a sixteen year old teen killer from Georgia who would set her family home on fire killing her mother and brother. According to court documents Candace Walton and her boyfriend Kaleo Pangelinan would set the house on fire before stealing a number of items including her mother’s car. The pair would be arrested days later, initially police…

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  • Teen KillersMarvin Leedale Cronan

    Marvin Leedale Cronan Teen Killer Sentenced To Life

    Marvin Leedale Cronan was a sixteen year old teen killer from Georgia who would shoot and kill a Grandmother during a robbery. According to court documents Marvin Leedale Cronan and three other teens planned on robbing the victim’s Grandson however when they arrived at the victim’s home it would be the elderly woman who was shot and killer. Marvin Leedale…

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  • Teen KillersAnthony Tyrone Terrell,

    Anthony Terrell Teen Killer Murders 3

    Anthony Terrell was a seventeen year old teen killer from Georgia who an argument with his mother would turn into a brutal triple murder. According to court documents Anthony Terrell would get into an argument with his mother that turned violent with the teen killer shooting her with her own service weapon (Mom was a Sheriff Deputy) which freaked out…

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  • US Executionjerome bowden georgia

    Jerome Bowden Georgia Execution

    Jerome Bowden was executed by the State of Georgia for a double murder. According to court documents Jerome Bowden would break into a home and stab to death a mother and her daughter. The elderly woman who was paralyzed and bedridden and her daughter would be found days later. Jerome Bowen would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to death. Jerome…

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  • Teen Killerscarmen collins

    Carmen Collins Teen Killer Murders Sister

    Carmen Collins was a seventeen teen killer from Georgia who would fatally shoot her younger sister. According to court documents Carmen Collins was packing up her stuff planning to runaway from home when her younger sister attempted to stop her. Carmen Collins would grab her fathers gun and chased her sister around the home shooting her several times. Carmen Collins…

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  • Teen Killerspreston phelps

    Preston Phelps Teen Killer Murders Father

    Preston Phelps was a fourteen year old from Georgia who would murder his father. According to court documents Preston Phelps would attack his father with a knife and a pipe. Once his father was dead Preston Phelps would attempted to dispose of the body using a blowtorch and an axe. Preston Phelps would take a shower after the brutal murder…

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  • Teen Killerslakeith smith

    Lakeith Smith Teen Killer Felony Murder

     Lakeith Smith was just fifteen years old when he broke into a home with a friend and when police shot and killer his friend he was charged with murder. According to court documents  Lakeith Smith and A’Donte Washington broke into a home. When the two were leaving the home a gunfight started between A’Donte Washington and the police officer. Washington…

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