kayla dixon photos

Kayla Dixon Teen Killer Murders Man During Robbery

Kayla Dixon was sixteen years old when she shot a man during a robbery in Georgia. According to court documents Kayla Dixon and her boyfriend 20 year old Nathaniel Vivien met the victim through a Craiglist ad where he was selling a Playstation 4. When the victim refused to hand over the video game system […]

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Gevin Prince photos

Gevin Prince Teen Killer Murders Grandma With Sword

Gevin Prince a sixteen year old from Georgia would murder his great grandmother with a samurai sword. According to court documents Gevin Prince would kill his great grandmother with a samurai sword after she asked him to stop playing video games. Prince would also stab his grandmother in the same incident with the sword. This […]

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Meshon Williams photos

Meshon Williams Teen Killer Murders Six Year Old Boy

Meshon Williams is a teen who was sentence to life in Georgia for the murder of a six year old boy. According to court documents Meshon Williams would fire over thirty gunshots at a home in Decatur Georgia striking and killing a six year old boy inside. This teen killer would be sentenced to life […]

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Dakota White and Brandon Warren photos

Dakota White and Brandon Warren Teen Killers

Dakota White and Brandon Warren made a suicide pact but before they took their lives they wanted to know what it felt like to kill someone and that is exactly what they did. Dakota White and Brandon Warren would lure Samuel Poss to White’s Grandparents home where he was strangled and stabbed to death. The […]

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Reginald Lofton photos

Reginald Lofton Teen Killer Murders Man During Robbery

Reginald Lofton was fourteen years old when he took part in the murder of a pizza delivery man in Georgia. According to court documents Reginald Lofton and Jermaine Young lured the victim to an apartment block where he was shot and killed. Police do not know which of the two actually fired the fatal shot […]

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Kinterie Kiatis Durden Teen Killer Murders 2 In Georgia

Kinterie Kiatis Durden was sixteen when he murdered two men in Georgia. According to court documents Kinterie Kiatis Durden answered an ad on Facebook regarding a dirt bike. When the two men showed up they would be shot and killed by Kinterie Kiatis Durden. According to police this teen killer was in the back seat […]

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cassandra bjorge photos

Cassie Bjorge Teen Killer Murders Grandparents In Georgia

Cassie Bjorge was seventeen years old when along with her eighteen year old boyfriend Johnny Rider murdered her Grandparents. According to court documents Cassandra Bjorge and Johnny Rider planned the double murders for days before the killing actually took place. On the night of the murders they waited for her Grandparents to go to sleep […]

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Kevon Watkins

Kevon Watkins Teen Killer Murders Sister Over WIFI Password in Georgia

Kevon Watkins was sixteen years old when he murdered his sister. According to court documents Kevon Watkins would return to his Georgia home and change the WIFI password so he could have all of the stream to himself. When his sister started to argue with him, he would not share the password, the two ended […]

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Holly Harvey and Sandra Ketchum photos

Holly Harvey and Sandra Ketchum Teen Killers Murders Grandparents In Georgia

Holly Harvey and Sandra Ketchum were young lesbian lovers and when Holly Grandparents tried to end their relationship the two teenage girls decided to murder them. According to court documents Holly and Sandra would stab the elderly couple several times each causing their death. The teen killers would take off in the couple’s vehicle and […]

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