Joshua Fleetwood Charged In Lakevia Jackson Murder

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Joshua Fleetwood has been charged with the murder of Lakevia Jackson which took place at a bowling alley in Atlanta Georgia. According to police reports Joshua Fleetwood and Lakevia Jackson were involved in an argument over a bowling ball. Joshua Fleetwood would leave the bowling alley and wait for Lakevia Jackson to leave the building. When Lakevia Jackson came outside again another argument broke out and this time both members of the two groups involved would grab guns and start firing. Lakevia Jackson would be fatally hit. Joshua Fleetwood would soon be arrested and charged with the murder of Lakevia Jackson. Lakevia Jackson was the baby mother of Young Thug’s fourteen year old son

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The Atlanta Police Department arrested a suspect in the March 17 murder of a mother at a bowling alley.

Police arrested 25-year-old Joshua Fleetwood for Lakevia Jackson’s murder at Metro Fun Center on Metropolitan Parkway. Family members said the woman shared a son with rapper Young Thug.

The fugitive team and U.S. Marshals arrested Fleetwood on Thursday for felony murder and booked him into Fulton County Jail. 

Police obtained warrants for Fleetwood’s arrest three days after the deadly shooting. Police said Fleetwood is a conflicted felon with 16 cycles through the criminal justice system. He’s been convicted of narcotics-related crimes, fraud, criminal trespassing and eluding police. 

“We are happy that Mr. Fleetwood is in our custody,” Homicide Commander Ralph Woolfolk said.

Lakevia Jackson’s mother, Sherina Jackson, told FOX 5 Atlanta her daughter was celebrating a birthday at the bowling alley with a close family friend that night. 

Woolfolk said the Lakevia Jackson’s family was bowling next to Fleetwood, who was on a date, when an argument began over a bowling ball. 

“This was simply an escalated dispute, as depicted on video,” Woolfolk said. 

The argument continued in the parking lot. 

At some point, a shootout occurred and bullets fired from a car leaving the scene hit Jackson.

Lakevia Jackson is described by family members as being kind-hearted and loving.

She leaves behind a 14-year-old son with Atlanta rapper Young Thug

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A man accused of shooting and killing a woman after a fight over a bowling ball at an Atlanta entertainment venue is behind bars, police say. Joshua Fleetwood, 25, faces felony murder and other charges in the death of Lakevia Jackson outside Metro Fun Center on Metropolitan Parkway on March 17, according to the Atlanta Police Department. He was arrested March 31 after investigators secured warrants charging him in the deadly incident. What began as a night of fun at the bowling alley turned violent after authorities said two parties started arguing over a bowling ball. Fleetwood, who was on a date, and Jackson’s family were on adjacent lanes when the fight broke out, according to Atlanta police Lt. Ralph Woolfolk

“These persons went into the location with the intention of bowling,” Woolfolk said. “At no point were there any weapons inside the location, at no point did anyone come with the intentions of hurting anyone or firing upon anyone.” The argument spilled into the parking lot, police said, where things turned physical and the two parties went to their cars to retrieve guns. A shootout followed, during which Jackson was hit by bullets fired from Fleetwood’s car as it left the parking lot

Jackson died at the scene. Relatives remembered her as a “loving” and “kind-hearted” person, according to WAGA. She is survived by a 14-year-old son whom she shares with famous rapper Young Thug, the news station reported. Fleetwood faces charges of possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, according to police. He was booked into the Fulton County Jail where he remained held as of April 1, online records show. Roughly 41% of Atlanta’s recent homicides are the result of escalating disputes, according to Woolfolk. “We’ve asked the public to work together to try to resolve these conflicts without having to escalate to incidents … of gunfire,” he said.

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