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Rigoberto Lopez Mugshot

Rigoberto Lopez Arrested For NYC Subway Murders

The New York Police Department (NYPD) have announced they have arrested and charged Rigoberto Lopez with the two murders that took place in the New York subway system. According to police reports Rigoberto Lopez was arrested at a homeless shelter where he was still armed with a knife. It is unknown at this time whether that knife was the one used during the four stabbings… Read More »Rigoberto Lopez Arrested For NYC Subway Murders

jared fogle mugshot photos

Jared Fogle Celebrity Crime

At one time Jared Fogle was a runaway hit for Subway as this formerly obese man was able to lose a ton of weight eating just their food however it turns out that Jared Fogle had a dark side that would eventually catch up with him and put him behind bars. Jared Fogle Crimes According to sources the FBI was first looking at Jared Fogle… Read More »Jared Fogle Celebrity Crime