New York

Tiffany VanAlstyne photos

Tiffany VanAlstyne Teen Killer Murders Five Year Old Cousin

Tiffany VanAlstyne was nineteen years old when she murdered her five year old cousin. According to court documents Tiffany VanAlstyne would beat than strangle the five year old boy causing his death. Tiffany would hide the child’s body and would tell police that he had been abducted. Eventually police figured it out and the child’s […]

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adrian sawyer teen killer photos

Adrian Sawyer Teen Killer Stabs Sleeping Teen

Adrian Sawyer was sixteen when he murdered his best friend in New York State. According to court documents Adrian Sawyer was at the home of the murder victim, Maverick Bowman, and when the fifteen year old fell asleep Adrian Sawyer would place a machete beside his head and take a photo which he sent to […]

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Willie Bosket photos

Willie Bosket Teen Killer Murders Man On Subway

Willie Bosket was fifteen when he murdered a man in a New York subway which would lead to changes on how juveniles are tried for murder. According to court documents Willie Bosket murdered the first man in the subway during a robbery and would murder another man eight days later. Bosket would plead guilty to […]

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Joel Rifkin

Joel Rifkin Serial Killer – NYC Serial Killer

Joel Rifkin is a serial killer from New York that no one talks about. Joel Rifkin would start his murderous ways a few years after his father would die from suicide. Joel who was already spending a ton of time surrounded by prostitutes and soon it would lead to murder. Rifkin would invite a sex […]

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David Berkowitz photos

David Berkowitz Serial Killer – Son Of Sam

Davod Berkowitz is better known as the Son Of Sam who terrorised New York City over a year period that saw six people killed and seven wounded.  This serial killer had a habit where he would walk up to a vehicle parked on various lover’ lane and opened fire with a high powered gun, aka […]

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Sante Kimes and Kenneth Kimes photos

Sante And Kenneth Kimes Serial Killers – Mother And Son Duo

Sante and Kenneth Kimes are odd when it comes to serial killers as they are a mother and son team. The Kimes were convicted of two murders but are responsible for at least one more. Sante Kimes is a thief, a fraudster and would do anything for money and when her son was old enough […]

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