Weng Sor Drives Uhaul Into Group Of People In NYC

Weng Sor NYC

Weng Sor is a 62 year old man from New York City who would drive a Uhaul van into a group of people killing one. According to police reports Weng Sor would drive into a group of people in the Bay Ridge neighborhood of Brooklyn killing one person and injuring seven others including a police officer. Weng Sor who has a violent criminal history would be arrested and taken into custody. The NYPD has yet to announce any charges against Weng Sor but that is expected to change later this afternoon. Police are still trying to figure out what Weng Sor motive was.

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The man accused of injuring multiple people in New York City when he swerved onto a sidewalk in a U-Haul truck lived in Las Vegas and served prison time for stabbing his brother and also stabbed a roommate in a separate incident, records the 8 News Now Investigators reviewed said.

Weng Sor, 62, was in custody after the incident in the Bay Ridge neighborhood of Brooklyn, 8 News Now’s affiliate station in New York City and the Associated Press reported.

In October 2015, Sor stabbed his brother, records said, adding “Weng has [an] unknown type [of] mental health illness for which he takes medication.”

A judge sent Sor to prison for 1-3 years, records showed. While awaiting sentencing, he was charged with another battery. Sor served both cases concurrently.

Sor ultimately served 16 months in prison and was never on parole, a Department of Corrections spokesperson said.

In November 2020, Sor stabbed a roommate in the arm. In September 2021, Sor took a plea deal on a lesser charge of conspiracy to commit battery. Records show a judge first found Sor not competent to stand trial.

“Sor had been walking up and down the driveway talking to himself about Communism,” before the stabbing, police said.

Sor was ordered to serve a year in the Clark County Detention Center. The judge granted him nearly 300 days credit for time served, records showed.

Las Vegas Metro police cited a person with the same name in January for speeding 31-40 over the limit, records showed.

Stephen Sor told the Associated Press his father lived in Las Vegas.

New York City Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell described the driver’s actions as a “violent rampage,” the Associated Press reported.


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