Kevin Foster And The Lords Of Chaos

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The Lords Of Chaos was a group of teenagers in Florida lead by Kevin Foster who decided to start their own militia that would start with simple vandalizing and would end with the murder of a teacher. In this article on My Crime Library we will take a closer look at Kevin Foster and the Lords Of Chaos

Lords Of Chaos – The Beginning

The Lords Of Chaos would begin in Fort Myers Florida with just three core members: Kevin Foster, Pete Magnotti and Christopher Black. Foster was the only one out of the three who had a criminal record.

The Lords Of Chaos would start with the burning of a church bus and setting a birdcage on fire killing one of the Macaws inside.

Derek Shields who was in and out of the group would join on the next spree in which the group would go after a much bigger target, an abandoned Coca Cola Factory. Kevin Foster was apparently upset that the groups actions up to that point were being mocked in the local press where their vandalism was described as being committed by “obviously pea-brained vandals” and “person(s) of less than average intelligence and a cretin’s personality.”

On the night of the Coca Cola factory fire, April 20 1996, the Lords Of Chaos had stolen a number of propane canisters and would put them strategically around the empty factory. Kevin Foster would fill a Pepsi can full of gunpowder which he attached a twenty five foot wick. The fire would go off without a hitch causing over a hundred grand in damages.

Lords Of Chaos Escalation

The next target on the list for the Lords Of Chaos was the owner of a restaurant where Derek Shields mother worker. Shields was upset with the man who insulted his mother. Kevin Foster and Pete Magnotti would carjack and rob the man who would escape with no injuries

Lords Of Chaos Murder

On the night of April 30, 1996 after a plan to rob a clothing store in order to dress themselves for grad night the teenage killers plan changed when the plan fell apart so they decided to vandalize the school to which the majority of the group attended, Riverdale High School,

It was a typical vandalism with the group stole a number of small items from the school before Kevin Foster threw a Clorox bottle filled with gasoline which he lit on fire and threw into a window into the school gym.

As the Lords Of Chaos were admiring their handiwork from the school parking lot a teacher, Mark Schwebes, recognized two of the teens and told them he would be reporting them in the morning. Chris Black reportedly said “This has to be fixed tonight, because tomorrow’s a school day. So, he’s gotta die tonight.”

The Lords Of Chaos would obtain Mark Schwebes address through directory assistance and drove over to his home. It was decided that Derek Shields would knock on the door and Kevin Foster would pull the trigger.

At 11:30 pm the group arrived at the home and Derek Shields would walk up to the door with Kevin Foster hiding off to the side. After Derek Shields knocker Mark Schwebes opened his door and would be shot once in the face with a shotgun and once in the buttocks. The shotgun shells would be left at the murder scene.

Lords Of Chaos Arrest And Trials

Fort Myers Police initially thought that Mark Schwebes was murdered due to a love triangle however the Lords Of Chaos would soon be bragging that they had murdered a teacher. A girlfriend of one of the teens who associated with the group would tell her what happened and she would go to the police.

Soon the police would learn from other members of the group that the Lords Of Chaos were responsible for the majority of the vandalism that had occurred in the Florida town the prior week including the Coca Cola factory fire. Kevin Foster, Derek Shields, Christopher Black and Pete Magnotti were soon arrested along with a few lesser group members: Chris Burnett, Brad Young and Craig Lesh.

Brad Young and Craig Lesh would be released with no charges filed. Chris Burnett agreed to plead guilty to robbery and arson charges for a lesser sentence of two years in prison and would agree to testify against the other members of the group.

Pete Magnotti, who was seventeen at the time, would plead guilty to first degree murder and be sentenced to thirty two years in prison.

Derek Shields and Christopher Black would both end up pleading guilty to first degree murder and received life without parole sentences.

Kevin Foster decided to go to trial and turn down the same sentence received by Derek Shields and Christopher Black. Foster would be quickly convicted and sentenced to death.

Kevin Foster would make news years later when he attempted to convince a writer to murder people who testified against him. Kevin who also conspired with his mother would receive an additional sentence and his mother received five years in prison. Kevin Foster remains on Florida death row

Lords Of Chaos 2021 Updates

Kevin Foster
DC Number:Y01561
Birth Date:06/16/1977
Initial Receipt Date:07/22/1998
Current Facility:UNION C.I.
Current Custody:MAXIMUM
Current Release Date:DEATH SENTENCE
Christopher Black
DC Number:Y01565
Birth Date:04/17/1978
Initial Receipt Date:07/30/1998
Current Facility:AVON PARK C.I.
Current Custody:CLOSE
Current Release Date:SENTENCED TO LIFE
Derek Shields
DC Number:Y01564
Birth Date:08/19/1977
Initial Receipt Date:07/30/1998
Current Facility:OKEECHOBEE C.I.
Current Custody:CLOSE
Current Release Date:SENTENCED TO LIFE
Pete Magnotti
DC Number:Y01562
Birth Date:08/08/1978
Initial Receipt Date:07/30/1998
Current Custody:MINIMUM
Current Release Date:07/08/2023

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  1. Jennifer Shields

    Derek Shields was the only one that got a shit deal thanks to the draconian laws of Florida. Im not defending him because I just recently became his Wife but also because he truly did not deserve the sentence he received. He knocked on the door and got charged with first degree murder how ridiculous is that. I’m from Texas where killers get 30 years for taking a life not knocking on a door. The Florida Justice system needs major changes and improvement, stop warehousing non violent offenders.

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