Kevin Foster And The Lords Of Chaos

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lords of chaos

The Lords of Chaos was a group in Florida consisting of Kevin Foster, Pete Magnotti, Christopher Black and Derek Shields who would end up murdering a teacher sending one of them to death row.

The Lords of Chaos formed in Fort Myers Florida in 1996 and at first it was just petty vandalism but soon it ravelled out of control.

Apparently the so called leader of the group Kevin Foster felt insulted when a local newspaper called his latest vandalism the work of a pea brain group so he decided to notch up his efforts.

The group would go to a local historical site and destroy a 12,000 foot Coca Cola warehouse using propane tanks and a jury rigged bomb using gunpowder and a Pepsi can.

The next action by the Lords of Chaos was to rob and carjack a man who had once called the mother of one of the group, Derek Shields, white trash and stupid.

The last action before the murder was to destroy the local high school. The teens would fill a Clorex bottle full of gasoline and stuck a rag through the top before lighting it and sending it through a gymnasium window.

The teens were in the parking lot watching their latest vandalism when a teacher from the high school noticed them loitering in the parking lot. The teacher told them to expect a visit from the police later that night

The teens worried they would be suspended decided to murder the teacher. The group obtained his home address and went to the teachers home. Derek Shields would walk up to the door and when the teacher would answer the door he would be shot multiple times by Kevin Foster.

The Fort Myers Police initially thought the teacher was caught up in a love triangle however the Lords of Chaos began to brag about the murder and their actions. Police would soon have all four in custody

Kevin Foster the so called leader of the group would ultimately be sentenced to death and remains on Florida Death Row. Christopher Black and Derek Shields would receive life without parole sentences and Pete Magnotti, the youngest of the group, would receive a thirty two year prison sentence.

Kevin Foster would make the newspapers years later when he tried to convince an author to murder other members of the Lords of Chaos who testified against him.

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Lords Of Chaos Updates

The Florida Supreme Court on Thursday unanimously turned down an appeal filed by Kevin Don Foster, on death row after he was convicted in the 1996 murder of a Lee County high school band director.

An appeal by Foster was denied earlier this year based on the Florida Supreme Court determination that any death sentence not unanimous and made final before the U.S. Supreme Court 2002 ruling was not subject to resentencing, according to the state attorneys office. 

The latest appeal was filed May 1 by Foster, now 41.

Foster was convicted in 1998 of the first-degree murder of Mark Schwebes, a Riverdale High School music teacher, and sentenced to death.

In April 1996, Schwebes caught Foster and other members of the group called the Lords of Chaos preparing to vandalize Riverdale High School and set the auditorium on fire.

Schwebes instructed them to leave and told them that he would report the incident to the resource officer the following day.

The group, at the direction and insistence of Foster, then planned the murder of Schwebes.

The group tracked down where Schwebes lived and went to his home. They knocked on the front door, and when Schwebes answered Foster shot him twice, once in the face and once in the pelvis.

The three other members who were present that night entered into plea agreements. Christopher Black and Derek Shields were sentenced to life in prison. Peter Magnotti was sentenced to 32 years in prison.

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