Arek Friedricksen photos

Arek Friedricksen Teen Killer Murders Man In Nebraska

Arek Friedricksen was a sixteen year old when he shot and killed a man in Nebraska. According to police Arek Friedricksen would shoot the victim multiple times causing his death. Due to Arek Friedricksen pleading guilty not a lot is known about the murder. This teen killer tried to keep his case in juvenile court […]

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jessica reid photos

Jessica Reid Teen Killer Murders 2 In Nebraska

Jessica Reid was seventeen years old when she and her boyfriend Gregory Fester would murder a couple in Nebraska. According to court documents Jessica Reid and Gregory Fester would break into a Nebraska farmhouse and shoot dead the couple inside. The pair would soon be arrested and both would plead guilty to two counts of […]

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shyanne parrott photos

Shyanne Parrott Teen Killer Murders Rival

Shyanne Parrott was seventeen years old when she was involved in an argument with a rival that would end in murder. According to prosecutors the teen killer would have an argument with the victim, would leave the scene and would return driving her truck which she used to strike and run over the victim. In […]

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Caril Ann Fugate photos

Caril Ann Fugate Teen Killer And Charles Starkweather

Caril Ann Fugate was the youngest woman in United States history to be convicted of first degree murder.  When Caril Ann Fugate was thirteen years old she began dating Charles Starkweather who was eighteen years old.  After they were dating for awhile Caril Ann Fugate mother and father were murdered allegedly by Charles Starkweather though […]

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Dylan Cardeilhac photos

Dylan Cardeilhac Teen Killer Murders A Prison Guard In Nebraska

Dylan Cardeilhac was already in jail awaiting sentencing for an armed robbery when he murdered a correctional guard when he was sixteen years old . Dylan Cardeilhac according to court documents would attack the correctional guard and would choke her until she stopped breathing and causing her death. Dylan Cardeilhac would end up being convicted […]

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