Antonea Cannon Charged In 5 Yr Olds Death

Antonea Cannon

Antonea Cannon is a woman from Omaha Nebraska who has just been charged in the death of five year old Jaylen Hearnes. According to police reports, Antonea Cannon hit the five year old with a splintered object and would later put his body into a vehicle while she went to work. Antonea Cannon would bring Jaylen Hearnes to a hospital however the little boy had died hours earlier and there was nothing doctors could do. Antone Cannon has been charged with homicide and child abuse leading to death.

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No bond for the Omaha woman who was supposed to be taking care of a 5-year-old boy.

Antonea Cannon, 20, stood before the judge Friday to hear the charges against her, child abuse resulting in death.

During the court appearance, prosecutors released disturbing details of the death of Jaylen Hearnes.

Preliminary autopsy results show he was beaten and court documents reveal officers found blood and blood spatter in Cannon’s home, along with a “striking instrument” that appeared to be splintered near the blood.

Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine said the boy also had other injuries.

“That appeared at this point in time to be the most serious injury, the bleeding in the internal organs, but he had other bruising and apparent trauma the child suffered,” Kleine said.

He said they also believe Cannon had the boy inside her car while she was at work at a restaurant. Investigators are putting together a timeline with GPS from her phone, the 911 call she made to report he was cold and unresponsive and when she arrived with Jaylen at the emergency room at Creighton University Medical Center near 24th and Cuming Street.

Prosecutors said the boy was in full rigor mortis.

“The child had been dead for some period of time,” Kleine said.

Prosecutors allege Cannon made inconsistent statements, first saying she left Jaylen with her 12-year old-sister and that the biological mother picked him up for lunch.

The sister told police she did not babysit the boy and the last time she saw him alive was Tuesday. Detectives also heard from Cannon’s 3-year-old daughter who said, “Momma whooped JH.”

They said also had physical injuries.

“It is heartbreaking and so sad. We want to believe our children are protected to the utmost,” Kleine said.

A check of other court documents shows a judge granted Jaylen’s father, Robert Hearnes Sr, 49, custody last summer and his 24-year-old mother had visitation. Kleine said the boy had been in the hospital before due to alleged abuse by his mother.

Officers arrested the father last month for domestic violence against Cannon.

She’s expected back in court next month. If convicted, she faces 20 years to life in prison.

Her children are now with the state

Antonea Cannon Other News

Omaha Police on Friday confirmed the identity of the woman taken into custody after a 5-year-old boy died at an Omaha hospital on Thursday.

Antonea Cannon, 20, was arrested after the boy, Jaylen Hearnes, died Wednesday afternoon. She apparently brought the child to the hospital.

Officers were called to North 56th and Manderson Street at 2:37 p.m. Wednesday after a report of an unresponsive child, an OPD spokesman said Thursday. While on the way, they were redirected to CHI Health-Creighton University Medical Center where the child was taken and later pronounced dead.

According to reports, Cannon told police she left Hearnes in the care of her 12-year-old sister at her home at 73rd and Wirt Circle while she went to work. Police add Cannon claimed the biological mother of Hearnes asked if she could pick up the boy and take him to lunch, to which she agreed and told her sister about the plan. The biological mother then picked up Hearnes and had him for an unknown amount of time, then dropped him off back at the home.

Police say Cannon claims she returned from work to pick up Hearnes, then took him while she picked up her two other children at daycare. Cannon then saw Hearnes was unresponsive and took him to the hospital.

However, police say the story doesn’t line up.

While Cannon was interviewed by police, her 12-year-old sister was located and interviewed at Project Harmony.

The 12-year-old told police she was not at home on the date of the incident and did not babysit the victim. She says the last time she saw Hearnes alive was the day before.

Another sister of Cannon’s confirmed what the 12-year-old sister said.

Several injuries were observed on Hearnes’ body. Police say it was consistent with severe child abuse.

Search warrants on both addresses were executed. Police say blood and blood splatter were observed at the Manderson address, and a “striking instrument” was also found that was splintered and had possible blood spots.

Cannon told police she was the sole caretaker of Hearnes. Her children were removed from her care and made state wards.

Cannon was booked on charges of homicide and intentional child abuse, but those charges were amended to “commit child abuse intentional with death.” She also has a daughter with the boy’s father, 48, who is also at the Douglas County Jail. He’s been there for the past four weeks facing a host of charges that include domestic violence.

She appeared in court Friday afternoon and was denied bond.

A preliminary hearing is set for April 5. If convicted, she faces 20 years to life.

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