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michael bargo

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Ten Most Viewed Posts For My Crime Library 2022

Since it is almost 2023 I was curious to see which posts attracted the most views over the last 12 months here on My Crime Library. After a quick review I discovered that the posts with the most views this year tended to be the posts which are the most viewed since the inception of My Crime Library. I would like to take the opportunity… Read More »Ten Most Viewed Posts For My Crime Library 2022

michael bargo

Michael Bargo Florida Death Row

Michael Bargo was sentenced to death by the State of Florida for the murder of Seath Jackson. According to court documents Michael Bargo and his girlfriend Amber Wright planned the murder of fifteen year old Seath Jackson. Seath was lured over to the home of Charlie Ely where he would be beaten, tortured, shot and set on fire. Michael Bargo would be arrested, convicted and… Read More »Michael Bargo Florida Death Row

seath jackson murder

Seath Jackson Murder

The murder of Seath Jackson in Florida shocked the nation in its brutality and that it was committed by a group of teenagers. Seath Jackson and Amber Wright had a relationship and it ended badly with the two teens arguing over Facebook. Amber Wright had moved on to a new boyfriend Michael Bargo and soon the new boyfriend and the old boyfriend would be engaged… Read More »Seath Jackson Murder