Amber Wright

Alyssa Bustamante

Top Ten Notorious Female Teen Killers

When it comes to teen killers normally it is young men who will be responsible however over the last decade or so the number of female teen killers has been steadily. One of the more notorious female teen killers is Alyssa Bustamante who is pictured above. Alyssa Bustamante wanted to know what it would feel […]

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Amber Wright Teen Killer The Murder Of Seath Jackson In Florida

Amber Wright was fifteen years old when she helped murder a teenage boy in Florida. According to court documents Amber Wright was dating a new guy named Michael Bargo and a plan arrived to murder her former boyfriend Seath Jackson. Amber Wright lured the young man to a home where he was brutally murdered and […]

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The Murder Of Seath Jackson

The Murder Of Seath Jackson Florida The murder of fifteen Seath Jackson caught the State of Florida off guard.  Unfortunately murder is all too common in the Sunshine state but what a group of teens did to this youngster was straight out of a horror story.  It all started innocent enough as young love always […]

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