mychal king photos

Mychal King Teen Killer Stabs Random Man To Death

Mychal King was having a bad day so he decided to kill the next person he saw. According to court documents Mychal King was having a rough day when he saw the victim ride by him on a bicycle and proceeded to attack. According to autopsy reports the victim was stabbed twenty five times. This […]

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Sergio Morgan-Wideman

Sergio Morgan-Wideman Teen Killer Murder Robbery

Sergio Morgan-Wideman was fifteen years old when he murdered a clerk during a robbery in Florida. According to court documents Sergio Morgan-Wideman and an accomplice walked into the shop where he demanded money from the clerk before fatally shooting him in the head. Sergio Morgan-Wideman would soon be arrested and the teen killer would be sentenced to life […]

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jason hartley photos

Jason Hartley Teen Killer Murders Girl In Florida

Jason Hartley was fifteen years old when he murdered a teenage girl for making fun of him. According to prosecutors Jason Hartley paid the victim to have sex with him and after it was over Hartley refused to pay the girl and she made fun of the fact that he was a virgin. The teen […]

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Berenice Juarez photos

Berenice Juarez Teen Killer Murders Mother’s Boyfriend

Berenice Juarez was sixteen years old when she lured her mother’s boyfriend to a parking lot and fatally stabbed him. According to authorities Berenice Juarez would pretend to be her mother and sent a text message to the victim asking to meet her at a parking lot. When the victim showed up he was fatally […]

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franco thomas photos

Franco Thomas Teen Killer Murders Man During Robbery

Franco Thomas was fourteen years old when he robbed a man before murdering him. According to authorities Franco Thomas and two teenage accomplices, Brittany Detwiler and Scionti Hill, broke into the victims home, beat him before choking him to death. Eventually all three teen killers would be arrested and charged as adults.. Franco Thomas would […]

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dillen murray photos

Dillen Murray Teen Killer Murders Friend With A Bat

Dillen Murray was sixteen years old when he murdered another teenager with a bat over a girl. According to authorities Dillen Murray had previously attacked the teen on two different occasions would fatally beat the victim to death with a baseball bat over a girl that both of the teenagers were interested in. Apparently Dillen […]

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daniel pate photos

Daniel Pate Teen Killer Murders Uncle

Daniel Pate was seventeen when he was involved in an argument with his uncle that would end in murder. According to authorities Daniel Pate and his uncle Michael Pate where involved in an argument outside of his home. Somewhere along the line Daniel Pate would arm himself and would shoot and kill his uncle while […]

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sharron townsend photos

Sharron Townsend Teen Killer Murders At 12

Sharron Townsend was twelve years old when he fatally shot a man in Florida. According to officials the twelve year old teen killer and a friend would harass the homeless man weeks before the actual murder took place. On the day of the crime Sharron Townsend would fatally shoot the victim in the head. There […]

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connor pridgen charles southern photos

Connor Pridgen And Charles Southern Teen Killers

Connor Pridgen and Charles Southern were two students from Florida who would murder a fellow classmate. According to court documents Connor Pridgen and Charles Southern decided they wanted to know what it felt like to kill someone and they focused on classmate Makia Coney. On the day of the murder Connor Pridgen and Charles Southern […]

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