• Crime Newstravis ray thompson

    Travis Ray Thompson Charged With Toddler’s Murder

    Travis Ray Thompson has been charged with the brutal murder of a toddler in Florida. According to police reports Travis Ray Thompson was mad that the toddler’s mother had broken up with him and took it out on the child. Travis Ray Thompson allegedly severed the spine of the toddler which led to the child bleeding to death. Now Travis…

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  • Celebrity Crimecourtney clenney

    Only Fans  Courtney Clenney Charged With Murder

    OnlyFans  Courtney Clenney aka Courtney Tailor has been charged with murder. According to police reports  Courtney Clenney allegedly stabbed her boyfriend Christian Obumseli back in April 2022. Courtney Clenney was arrested in Hawaii and is now being extradited back to Miami Florida to face the murder charges. Since her arrest videos have surfaced that showed Courtney Clenney physically assaulting Christian…

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  • Death Row InmatesEverett Miller

    Everett Miller Florida Death Row

    Everett Miller was sentenced to death by the State of Florida for the murders of two Florida police officers. According to court documents Everett Miller would shoot and kill Kissimmee police officers Matthew Baxter and Sergeant Sam Howard while they attempted to investigate a drug crime. After Evertt Miller shot and killed Matthew Baxter and Sergeant Sam Howard he would…

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  • Crime Newsdaniel issac marquez florida

    10 YR Old Daniel Issac Marquez Arrested For School Shooting Threat

    Ten year old Daniel Issac Marquez was arrested for making threats regarding a school shooting in Florida. According to police reports Daniel Issac Marquez made threats on social media stating that he was planning a school shooting at Patriot Elementary School in Cape Coral Florida and that he scammed a friend for money and bought an automatic rifle. Needless to…

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  • Celebrity Crimetammy sytch

    Sunny AKA Tamara Lynn Sytch Charged With Murder

    Former WWE Diva Sunny whose real name is Tamara Lynn Sytch or Tammy Sytch has officially been charged with homicide for a DUI crash that left another person dead. According to police reports Tammy Sytch was driving in Florida with a blood alcohol level three times the legal limit when she struck the vehicle of seventy five year old Julian…

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  • Celebrity CrimeByron Pringle mugshot

    NFL Byron Pringle Arrested In Florida

    Chicago Bears wide receiver Byron Pringle has been arrested in Tampa Bay Florida for a number of driving offenses. According to police reports Byron Pringle was observed doing donuts and driving aggressively on a public road. When the NFL player was stopped he acted aggressively to officers. To make matters worse for Pringle he had his child in the car.…

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  • Crime NewsOdette Lysse Joassaint

    Odette Lysse Joassaint Charged With Killing 2 Kids

    Odette Lysse Joassaint is a woman from Florida who was just charged with murdering her two children. According to police reports Miami police went to the home after several 911 hang ups and when they entered the home they found two deceased children who were tied up. Apparently Odette Lysse Joassaint would tell police that she did not want the…

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  • Crime Newsamber chapman

    Amber Chapman Charged With Putting Child In Dryer

    Amber Chapman has been charged with felony child abuse for putting a four year old boy inside of a dryer and turning it on. According to police reports the four year old boy would arrive at the hospital with bruising on his body and face. When asked by the doctors what happened he allegedly told the doctor that Amber Chapman…

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  • Crime Newsanthony todt

    Anthony Todt Faces Death For Killing Family

    Anthony Todt is on trial in Florida after he was arrested and charged for murdering his entire family including the family dog. According to police reports Anthony Todt would murder his entire family starting with Zoey Todt who was just four years old. Anthony Todt would then murder his 13-year-old son, Alexander, his 10-year-old son, Tyler, and his wife Megan…

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  • Teen KillersJoshua Vining and Colton Whitler

    Joshua Vining and Colton Whitler Charged In Bizarre Murder

    Joshua Vining and Colton Whitler have been charged in a bizarre situation that left another Florida teen dead. According to police reports Joshua Vining and Colton Whitler along with Christoper Leroy Broad Jr were shooting each other with lethal ammunition while wearing body armor however Christopher would be fatally stuck and now Joshua has been charged with manslaughter and Colton…

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  • Crime NewsNoah Galle

    Noah Galle Arrested For Crash That Killed 6 People

    Noah Galle is a teenager from Florida who was just arrested for a car crash that killed six people. According to police reports Noah Galle was driving a vehicle in excess of 150 miles per hour when he crashed into a Nissan Rogue SUV and killed six people inside of the vehicle. The crash that took place in late January…

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  • Crime NewsMarcus Spanevelo

    Marcus Spanevelo Charged In Cassie Carli Murder

    Marcus Spanevelo has been charged in the disappearance of Cassie Carli in Florida. According to police reports Cassie Carli was reported missing after she was to meet Marcus Spanevelo a week ago. Now the body of Cassie Carli was found buried in a shallow grave in Alabama. Marcus Spanevelo was initially arrested and charged with  tampering with evidence, giving false…

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  • Crime Newsronnie hyde

    Ronnie Hyde Guilty In Fred Laster Murder

    Ronnie Hyde has been found guilty in the 1994 murder of Fred Laster in Florida. According to court documents Ronnie Hyde who was employed as a youth pastor would spend a ton of time with the Laster family. When Fred Laster was murdered his body was cut up and disposed in a number of places and a number of limbs…

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  • Crime Newsjustyn pennel

    Justyn Pennell Gets Life For Random Murder

    Justyn Pennell apparently planned to kill someone for months before he fatally ran down 75 year old Michael Pratt. According to court documents Justyn Pennell wanted to know what it felt like to take someones life at random so on the day of the fatal crash Justyn would drive past Michael Pratt, make a U-Turn and run over the military…

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  • Crime Newsmark gribbin

    Mark Gribbin Guilty Of Leo Beauregard Murder

    Mark Gribbin has been convicted of the 1990 murder of  Leo Beauregard in Florida. According to court documents Mark Gribbin would fatally stab to death  Leo Beauregard inside of his apartment. When police were searching the apartment no valuables appeared to be missing and the only piece of evidence was an empty beer can. Nearly thirty years later that single…

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  • Crime NewsMariya Lynn Kelly

    Mariya Lynn Kelly Guilty Of Mothers Murder

    Mariya Lynn Kelly has plead no contest in the murder of her mother in their Cape Coral Florida home. According to court documents Mariya Lynn Kelly would fatally stab her mother while she was doing the dishes. Apparently the two were doing dishes and according to Mariya Lynn Kelly her mother swatted her in the head and she stabbed her…

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  • Crime Newswilliam devonshire

    William Devonshire Charged In Kelliann Ripley Murder

    William Devonshire has been charged with the murder of Kelliann Ripley in Sarasota Florida. Now William Devonshire is no stranger to the court system as he was convicted of a murder in Delaware back in 2005. William Devonshire who allegedly murdered Kelliann Ripley and left her body at a boat ramp in Centennial Park at the North Tamiami Trail. Kellianne…

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  • Crime NewsAngielly Dominguez

    Angielly Dominguez Fatally Shoots Sister

    Angielly Dominguez is a woman from Florida who would travel all the way to New Jersey to fatally shoot her sister Omelly Dominguez. According to police reports they received a 911 call that someone was stabbed at the New Jersey home and would find 21 year old Omelly Dominguez with a fatal gunshot to the head. Angielly Dominguez was gone…

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  • Crime Newsmelissa turner

    Melissa Turner Sentenced To 20 Years In Prison

    Melissa Turner the former cosplay model has been sentenced to twenty years in prison for the murder of her boyfriend. According to court documents Melissa Turner claimed that she had been abused for some time by her boyfriend Matthew Trussler and it ended the day that she fatally stabbed him. However the jury did not buy the abuse story and…

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  • Crime NewsLily Scheip

    Lily Scheip Charged In Infants Murder

    Lily Scheip has been charged with second degree murder in the death of a fourteen week infant. According to police in Sarasota Florida Lily Scheip would bring the child to a neighbors house asking for help. The neighbor would call 911 and when ambulance attendants arrived they found the infant non-responsive. There was no obvious signs of trauma to the…

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