William Wells Florida Death Row

william wells

William Wells was sentenced to death and remains of Florida death row for the murder of a fellow inmate. According to court documents William Wells with the help of Leo Boatman stabbed to death William Chapman at Florida State Prison. Now William Wells who was convicted of five murders committed in 2003 would attempt to … Read more

Aiden Fucci Charged In Tristyn Bailey Murder

aiden fucci 2021 photos

Aiden Fucci has been formally charged in the murder of Tristyn Bailey. Aiden Fucci who is fourteen years old has been arrested and charged in the brutal murder of thirteen year old Tristyn Bailey who was stabbed more than a hundred times. Aiden Fucci made his first court appearance today, June 3 2021, and was … Read more

William Tommy Zeigler Florida Death Row

william tommy zeigler

William Tommy Zeigler was sentenced to death by the State of Florida for the murders of his wife, Eunice Zeigler, and her parents, Perry and Virginia Edwards, as well as a customer named Charlie Mays at his furniture store in Winter Garden, Florida. According to court documents William Tommy Zeigler would shoot to death Eunica … Read more

Harry Phillips Florida Death Row

harry phillips

Harry Phillips was sentenced to death by the State of Florida for the murder of parole officer Bjorn Thomas Svenson. According to court documents Harry Phillips would shoot to death Bjorn Thomas Svenson and would later brag about the murder after he was arrested to fellow inmates. Harry Phillips would be arrested, convicted and sentenced … Read more