Connor Crumrine Murders Mother In Florida

Connor Crumrine

Connor Crumrine is an alleged killer from Florida who has been charged with the murder of his mother Jennifer Crumrine

According to police reports Jennifer Crumrine was attempting to get her twenty three year old son committed to a mental health facility to help with his deteriorating mental health. Unfortunately Connor Crumrine was not interested in going and would attack his mother and his two sisters with a knife with his mother Jennifer dying from her injuries

Connor Crumrine would be arrested and has been charged with murder and two counts of assault

Connor Crumrine News

The 23-year-old man accused of stabbing his family and killing his mother, had his first court appearance on Wednesday. Connor Crumrine is currently charged with aggravated battery and resisting arrest.

Those charges could change, after his mother Jennifer Crumrine, succumbed to her injuries. In court on Wednesday, bond was set at over $700,000. Crumrine is also not allowed to make contact with his sisters or carry a weapon of any kind.

A request was made for a public defender.

According to court documents, on Tuesday, the family had planned to leave for a cruise but Connor was behaving oddly. His mother said she was going to skip the trip and instead take her son to get help at a mental health facility. At some point Connor reportedly attacked his mother, and then his sisters with a knife.

Deputies were called to the scene. His mother was taken to an area hospital, where she succumbed to her injuries.

Connor was taken into custody. He will be arraigned on Jan. 29.

Connor Crumrine Other News

Authorities claim a man fatally stabbed his mother in the neck after she planned to take him to a mental health facility for his concerning behavior

The victim, Jennifer Crumrine, 54, had initially survived her injuries but died at a hospital, documents state. As of Sunday afternoon, records in Charlotte County, Florida, show that the defendant, Connor Crumrine, 23, is only charged with three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and one count of resisting an officer without violence. Deputies said Friday that they are working with prosecutors to update charges to reflect the stabbing death.

Cops say the defendant attacked his mother while his elder sister called authorities and the other sister tackled him to stop the stabbing, according to the probable cause affidavit viewed by Law&Crime.

Citing interviews with the survivors, deputies describe a sequence of events going back to Monday night.

“Last night, Connor began making statements to the family trying to teach them how to get into a fetal position and making statements about heaven and hell,” investigators wrote. “During this time Connor would also make a finger gun gesture towards them. Due to a fear that Connor may cause harm to them during the night the rest of the family kept their bedroom doors locked.”

Connor, who is the youngest of the siblings, had allegedly told the younger sister to, in the affidavit’s words, “sleep face down tonight so that he can take her to heaven and keep her from going to hell.”

Fearful he might hurt them, the rest of the family slept in shifts, deputies said.

The situation escalated Tuesday morning. They had planned to go on a cruise that day. The mother decided to miss it in order to arrange for Crumrine to stay at Charlotte Behavioral Health Care for mental health care.

She told him her plans, and he procrastinated getting ready, documents said. The mother asked the older sister to call the facility. While this sister was on the phone, she heard her mother scream, “he’s
stabbing me, he’s stabbing me.”

She found her brother stabbing their mother, documents said. The elder sister tried to disarm him, but this caused a minor laceration to her finger. The younger sister woke up to the sound of her mother calling for help, documents stated. She tackled Connor and wrestled with him over the knife, authorities wrote. The older sister worked on trying to save their mother’s life.

Deputies arrived to find Connor Crumrine struggling with the younger sister, who sustained a stab wound in the upper back, documents said.

“Connor still had the knife in his possession but was not actively using it at the time,” they wrote. “Connor was given multiple commands, which he ignored, and was ultimately tased, continued to be non compliant with law enforcement orders, and had to be physically removed from the bedroom, and detained on scene.”

First responders took Jennifer Crumrine to Fawcett Memorial Hospital, where she eventually died from her injuries, documents stated.

The defendant allegedly declined to speak post-Miranda and asked for an attorney. The court scheduled an arraignment for Jan. 29, records show.

‘He’s stabbing me’: Man killed mom after he said he would take sister to heaven, deputies say
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