Cassie Bjorge Teen Killer Murders Grandparents In Georgia

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Cassie Bjorge was seventeen years old when along with her eighteen year old boyfriend Johnny Rider murdered her Grandparents. According to court documents Cassandra Bjorge and Johnny Rider planned the double murders for days before the killing actually took place. On the night of the murders they waited for her Grandparents to go to sleep and then they attacked. Johnny Rider attacked the Grandfather and Cassie Bjorge would drag her Grandmother into the bedroom and began to assault her. The elderly couple would have their throats slit. The teens would then barricade the bedroom and invite friends over for a party. Police believe the two teen killers stayed in the home for days after the murders. On top of the murder of her Grandparents the teen killers had planned to kill Johnny Rider’s mother and sister. The two teen would both be sentenced to life in prison

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GDC ID: 1002246318

YOB: 2000
HEIGHT: 5’03”

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Cassie Bjorge Other News

A Georgia teen who allegedly confessed to killing her grandparents with her boyfriend, sealing up their room and then hosting a party for unsuspecting friends, also planned to kill several other people WSB-TV reports.

According to WSB-TV, Cassie Bjorge, 17, and her boyfriend, Johnny Rider, 18, planned the murders of her grandparents for days and thought out details such as caulking the doors shut in the house to keep the odor of death from being detected outside.

Gwinnett County Police Detective Dave Brucz told WSB-TV the teens waited outside Bjorge’s grandparent’s home for the lights to go out, then snuck into the couple’s bedrooms.

“Johnny began to attack the grandfather, Cassie then said she had a surge of energy,” Brucz said in court Wednesday. “She then dragged her grandmother into her grandfather’s bedroom, she was duct taped.”

Investigators say the teens then beat the grandparents, Randall and Wendy Bjorge, before slicing their throats and leaving them for dead.

According to the report, Cassie Bjorge confessed to staying in the home and smoking pot for a few days after the murders. She even invited friends over for a party — friends who had no idea what had happened.

Police say Bjorge confessed that she went as far as pretending to be her grandmother via text message so family wouldn’t suspect anything was wrong.

“She admitted after the murder she was texting family members because they were worried about them, and she was pretending to be Wendy,” Brucz told the courtroom.

WSB-TV reports the teens are not only accused of killing, Bjorge’s grandparents, but they are also of trying to kill Rider’s sister and boyfriend.

“She also said they were planning on killing Johnny’s family and there were plans on killing her mother also,” Brucz also told the courtroom.

Police told WSB-TV that Bjorge believed her grandparents had become too strict.

“She had basically had enough of her grandparents,” Brucz said.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Cassie Bjorge 2020 Updates

    Cassie Bjorge is currently been incarcerated at the Arrendale State prison

  2. Cassie Bjorge Release Date

    Cassie Bjorge is currently serving two life sentences

Cassandra Bjorne More News

A 17-year old girl and her boyfriend received life in prison on Friday for the 2017 murder of her grandparents, reports WSB-TV

Cassandra Bjorge and her boyfriend, Johnny Hiro Rider, pleaded guilty to stabbing and bludgeoning Bjorge’s grandparents to death with a tire iron.

In court Monday, Rider asked for forgiveness and described his actions as “evil,” WSB-TV reports.

“I know what I have done is abominable and evil and is deserving of hellfire,” Rider said. “I would like to express my deepest apologies to the Bjorge family. I’m so sorry for the pain and grief I have caused all of you.”

Bjorge did not speak. 

According to the station, police say the teens used a tire iron, hammer, baseball bat and butcher knives to kill the couple, then caulked doors inside the home to attempt to keep the smell of the bodies inside.  A detective testified last April that Bjorge and Rider stayed in the home smoking pot and partying with friends for several days while Randall and Wendy Bjorge’s bodies laid upstairs. 

Gwinnett County Homicide Detective Dave Brucz reportedly testified last year that Bjorge confessed to the crime.

Johnny began to attack the grandfather,” testified Brucz, “Cassie then said that she basically had a surge of energy. She then dragged her grandmother into her grandfather’s bedroom. She was duct-taped.”

Police also reportedly say that Bjorge and Rider planned to kill several other people, including Rider’s family and Bjorge’s mother, but that Rider backed out of the plan. They are, however, accused of trying to kill Rider’s sister and her boyfriend.

Rider’s sister escaped, and that led to the teens’ capture more than a week after the grandparents’ murders.

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