robert and michael bever photos

Robert And Michael Bever Teen Killers Murder Family In Oklahoma

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robert and michael bever photos

Robert and Michael Bever are a pair of brothers who would murder their parents and three siblings in a case that shocked in Oklahoma. According to court documents the two teen killers wanted to undertake a mass shooting outside of the home that would rival the Columbine massacre but instead they took it out on their own family. The parents of the two brothers as well as three younger siblings would all be murdered by knife wounds. Both of the brothers were tried, convicted and sentenced to life in prison terms

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Evidence released Friday from the investigation into the Bever family murders includes chilling images of the brothers just after their 2015 arrest, childlike drawings inside Michael Bever’s jailhouse journal and a heartbreaking 911 recording of one of the young victims begging for help.

Michael Bever was convicted last week of killing his parents and three siblings and attacking another sister who survived. A jury has recommended he be sentenced to life in prison with a chance at parole.

His older brother, Robert, pleaded guilty to the same charges and is serving five life sentences.

Among the evidence is a red composition notebook in which Michael Bever made crayon drawings while behind bars at the Tulsa County Jail.

He often drew about death, the murders of his family and other killers he admired, including Colorado movie theater shooter James Holmes and cult leader Jim Jones.

In his initial police interview, Michael says he only stabbed one of his brothers but later admits to stabbing his mother, cutting his finger in the process.

Michael said he pretended to try to help his brothers and sisters but really tricked them until Robert could kill them. When asked how he felt about the attack hours later, he told the detective he didn’t want to think about it.

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robert bever 2019 photos
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Robert Bever Update

Robert Bever is currently incarcerated at the Joseph Harp Correctional Center in Levin Oklahoma. He is serving life without parole

Michael Bever Update

Michael Bever is currently incarcerated at the Lexington Correctional Center in Levin Oklahoma. He is serving five life sentences

Robert And Michael Bever Crime

Robert And Michael Bever were convicted in the murders of their parents and three siblings

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  1. Michael Bever describing murders to Police Officers. (confessing for 1hr 41min, in custody)


    Completely calm, collected, and emotionally detached. . Skip to 48:22 for the jist of it.

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