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  • Teen Killersnicholas ortiz photos

    Nicholas Ortiz Teen Killer Murders 3 With A Pick Ax

    Nicholas Ortiz was a sixteen year old from New Mexico when he killed three members of a family using a pick ax. According to court documents Nicholas Ortiz would go to a family’s home in El Rancho New Mexico with the intention of robbing it and in the process would murder Lloyd Ortiz, Dixie Ortiz and Steven Ortiz. NIcholas Ortiz…

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  • Crime NewsSean Lannon

    Sean Lannon Arrested In Connection Of 5 Murders

    Sean Lannon who was wanted for his alleged involvement in five murders has been arrested in St. Louis Missouri. According to police in Missouri he was arrested without incident. Reports have indicated that Sean Lannon is wanted for questioning for a murder in New Jersey and for four more in New Mexico. The murder victim in New Jersey was described…

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  • Teen KillersDesiree Linares And Alexis Shields Teen Killers

    Desiree Linares And Alexis Shields Teen Killers

    Desiree Linares And Alexis Shields Teen Killers Desiree Linares and Alexis Shields were both fifteen when they murdered their foster mother. According to court documents Desiree Linares and Alexis Shields would tie up their foster mother and smother her with a pillow. When police arrive they found the two teenage killers gone with the victims wallet, van and laptop were…

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  • Teen KillersNathaniel Jouett Teen Killer

    Nathaniel Jouett Teen Killer New Mexico Library Shooting

    Nathaniel Jouett would walk into a library in New Mexico and open fire killing two people and injuring four in August 2017. According to court documents Nathaniel Jouett would steal two guns from his fathers safe and would walk over to the library in Clovis New Mexico. His father realized two guns were missing along with his son called police…

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  • Teen KillersNehemiah Griego Teen Killer

    Nehemiah Griego Teen Killer Murders Family

    Nehemiah Griego was fifteen years old when he murdered his entire family. According to court documents Nehemiah would shoot his mother first and when his brother became upset Nehemiah would shoot him as well. Nehemiah Griego would murder his two other siblings as well then waited for his father to come home and would shoot and kill him as well.…

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  • Teen KillersJohn Hovey Teen Killer

    John Hovey Teen Killer Murders Parents

    John Hovey was sixteen when he murdered his parents. According to court documents John Hovey would sneak into his parents bedroom and would open fire killing his parents. This teen killer would be sentenced to life in prison however he was not done killing yet. This teen killer thought a paraplegic inmate was telling on him so he stabbed the inmate over…

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