Paul Apodaca Indicted On 3 Murders

Paul Apodaca

Paul Apodaca is a man from New Mexico who police believe is a serial killer and has just been indicted on three counts of murders and sexual assaults. According to police between the years of 1988 to 1989 three people were murdered in New Mexico: 13-year-old Stella Gonzales, 21-year-old Althea Oakeley, and 19-year-old Kaitlyn Arquette. Stella Gonzales and Kaitlyn Arquette were both fatally shot while Althea Oakeley was stabbed to death. According to New Mexico police Paul Apodaca confessed last year to multiple sexual assaults and murders throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s. New Mexico police have been going crazy looking at other sexual assault cases and murders that this alleged serial killer may have been responsible for. One of the victims Kaitlyn Arquette was the daughter of writer Lois Duncan who wrote the best selling book “Who Killed My Daughter”. Paul Apodaca has been in and out of the system since he was a juvenile for a series of sexual assaults and other charges. In 1996 Paul Apodaca was sentenced to 20 years in prison for the sexual assault of a young woman, his brother Mark Apodaca was sentenced to life for murder for the same attack.

Paul Apodaca More News

Paul Apodaca is no stranger to the New Mexico court system. He’s been convicted of both rape and assault charges dating back to when he was a juvenile.

But now Apodaca is saying he’s also responsible for three murders from the ’80s.

“Apodaca has admitted to additional shootings and murders, including the homicide of 18-year-old Kaitlyn Arquette in 1989,” Albuquerque Police Department Chief Harold Medina said.

It was 30 years ago that Arquette was driving east on Lomas in downtown Albuquerque when she was shot – causing her to veer off the road and hit a light pole. Her murder received national attention thanks to Arquette’s mother, who wrote the book “Who Killed My Daughter

Her family has never stopped looking for that answer.

“The Arquette family has been involved since the beginning, they have been speaking to detectives about some of these updates,” APD Deputy Commander Kyle Hartsock said.

The family even hired Pat Caristo as a private investigator, who – 20 years ago – combed through KOB 4’s file footage looking for clues in the case.

APD said they are trying to put all the pieces together before they release any more information.

“It’s hard for us to share a lot of information, even with the family, until the case is charged, even if it is 32 years old,” Hartsock said.

APD’s goal is to gather enough evidence to charge Apodaca with Arquette’s murder.

When police asked Apodaca if there was something that caused him to confess now, the criminal complaint reveals he didn’t have an answer. Apodaca said no, he just realized what he did was evil.

Paul Apodaca Murder – Stella Gonzales

Stella Gonzales

Stella Gonzales was just thirteen years old when she was shot and killed by Paul Apodaca. According to police reports Stella Gonzales was walking with a friend when she was fatally shot in the head. Paul Apodaca would confess to this murder

Paul Apodaca Murder – Althea Oakeley

Althea Oakeley

Althea Oakeley was a twenty one year old college student at the University of New Mexico when Paul Apodaca allegedly stabbed her to death when she was walking home from a party. Paul Apodaca would admit to the murder and told officers he was planning on sexually assaulting the young woman

Paul Apodaca Murder – Kaitlyn Arquette

Kaitlyn Arquette

Kaitlyn Arquette was fatally shot in the head by Paul Apodaca in 1989. Due to the family’s continued pressure on the Albuquerque Police Department this is the case that would be Paul Apodaca undoing. As stated before Kaitlyn Arquette mother is writer Lois Duncan whose books on her daughters murder kept the case going in the public eye.

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