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Kegan Kline Tied To The Delphi Murders

kegan kline delphi murders

The Delphi murders caught the Nation by storm and many are wondering when police in Indiana are going to arrest someone for the double murders and many are wondering if Kegan Kline is responsible. Kegan Kline is a twenty seven year old who was arrested in 2020 for over twenty felonies that include child exploitation, possession of child pornography, obstruction of justice and synthetic identity deception. Seems Kegan Kline was posing on Instagram using a fake name (Anthony Shots) and fake photos. In recently released interviews with Kegan Kline, which the Indiana Police swear on their little pinky they did not release, the predator would admit to talking to one of the girls Liberty German, who was 14 years old, the night before she was murdered.

Liberty German and her thirteen year old friend Abigail Williams would be brutally murdered on Valentines Day in 2017. Kegan Kline would try to explain that a number of people had access to the Anthony Shots Instagram account including his father. Kegan Kline has admitted to being a sexual predator as he purposely set up the Anthony Shots Instagram account to solicit nude photos from underage girls has always looked guilty when it comes to the murders of Abigal Williams and Liberty German however is he actually guilty is the question

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In August 2020, more than three years after Abigail Williams and Liberty German were found murdered in Delphi, Ind., Feb. 14, 2017, police questioned Kegan Kline about his conversations with one of the teenage girls the night before they were killed.

The interaction with Kline, believed by law enforcement to be associated with a fake social media profile “anthony_shots,” came while Liberty – called “Libby” –  was at a sleepover the night before the teenagers disappeared, according to Miami County court documents obtained by FOX59.

Kegan Kline, 27, remains in jail, facing 30 counts of child solicitation, child exploitation and possession of child porn. A court appearance is scheduled for April 14.

While Indiana State Police asked the public for any information regarding interactions with “anthony_shots,” Kline has not been charged in any crimes related to the murdered teens from Delphi

In the transcript, obtained by FOX59 from the podcast The Murder Sheet, police tell Kline they know he communicated with Libby and her friends at a sleepover the night before they disappeared. 

On Feb. 13, 2017, the Journal & Courier has reported, a man described as wearing blue jeans, a gray hoodie and blue coat forced the eighth-grade friends off the Monon High Bridge, east of Delphi.

A Shapchat video from Libby’s phone captured a man’s voice saying “Guys…down the hill.”  

The teenagers’ bodies were found Feb. 14, 2017, about a quarter mile from the bridge where they had crossed the murderer’s path

n August 2020, Indiana State Police questioned Kline about conversations he’d had with underage girls, including in the interrogation the name of Libby.

“Umm,” reads the transcript reported by FOX59, “you had told investigators umm and I know you say you don’t remember a girl that you ever talked to but I know you remember Liberty German?”

Kline’ response was “inaudible,” the transcript reads.

“Right and you know you talked to her and you admitted to talking to her? And …” the officer said.

“I don’t think I ever did though,” Kline reportedly states. “I think I talked to one of her friends like I told them.”

“You, you admitted you talked to her ..” Kline is asked.

HIs response is, again, “inaudible.”

” …for a few hours at a sleepover and then you blocked her because she was annoying You remember?”

“You’re right, yeah,” Kline states.

Later in the transcript, police question Kline about plans to meet Libby on the Monon High Bridge

“See I don’t remember ever saying to meet up with me though,” Kline said.

However, the officer questioning Kline referred to a message the defendant allegedly wrote to someone after he learned the girls had been murdered. On the fake account, “anthony_shots” writes, “Yeah, we were supposed to meet but she never showed up.”

Kline responded to that line of questioning with, “That’s a damn lie.” 

In the transcript, Kline is also questioned about why, after the teens were discovered murdered, that he’d searched on his phone media reports of the case. He says the searches are understandable since it’s one of the biggest murder cases in the state of Indiana.

In December 2021, detectives with the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office and Indiana State Police investigating the still unsolved murders reported they uncovered the online profile used to communicate with young girls. 

In the August 2020 transcript, police tell Kline they believe individuals other than Kline had access to “anthony_shots.” 

Kline told the police in the line of questioning he had given his password to that account to “a lot of people.” In another transcript given to FOX59 by The Murder Sheet, Kline tells Headline News on Dec. 9, 2021, that his father had access to the “anthony_shots” account.

In the HLN interview, FOX59 reported, Kline also said ISP reportedly told him “they knew it was my dad” that killed the teenagers

No one has been charged with their murders and police continue to seek clues.

If you have information on the Delphi murders, send your confidential tip to or call 844-459-5786, 800-382-7537 or 765-564-2413.

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