• Crime NewsDeonlashawn Simmons

    Deonlashawn Simmons Gets 105 Years For Teens Murder

    Deonlashawn Simmons would receive a 105 year prison sentence for the murder of fourteen year old Takaylah Tribitt who was found dead in Gary Indiana. According to court documents Takaylah Tribitt had runaway from home when she encountered Deonlashawn Simmons at a birthday party in Chicago. Five days later Deonlashawn Simmons would tie up and bound the fourteen year old…

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  • Crime Newschelsea crossland

    Chelsea Crossland Charged With 5 YR Olds Murder

    Chelsea Crossland is a woman from Portland Indiana who was just charged with the murder of her five year old son. According to police documents would physically abuse the five year old boy for days on end and refused to feed the little boy. Eventually Chelsea Crossland would go to far and beat the child to the point he would…

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  • Crime Newskegan kline

    Kegan Kline Tied To The Delphi Murders

    The Delphi murders caught the Nation by storm and many are wondering when police in Indiana are going to arrest someone for the double murders and many are wondering if Kegan Kline is responsible. Kegan Kline is a twenty seven year old who was arrested in 2020 for over twenty felonies that include child exploitation, possession of child pornography, obstruction…

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  • US ExecutionEric Wrinkles

    Eric Wrinkles Indiana Execution

    Eric Wrinkles was executed by the State of Indiana for a triple murder. According to court documents Eric Wrinkles was hospitalized for mental illness a couple of weeks before the triple murder by his mother. However the stay would be short as doctors at the mental health facility deemed him not to be a risk to himself or others. Once…

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  • Teen Killersanthony hutchens

    Anthony Hutchens Charged In Grace Ross Murder

    Anthony Hutchens the fifteen year old boy from Indiana is now facing adult time for the murder of six year old Grace Ross. According to police reports Anthony Hutchens allegedly molested and murdered the six year old girl at a wooded area behind the New Carlisle apartment complex where they both lived. Anthony Hutchens mother believed that her son was…

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  • Crime NewsJacob Wootton

    Jacob Wootton Sentenced In Death Of Son

    Jacob Wootton has been sentenced to 52 years in prison for the death of his two year old son Ryder Wooton. According to court documents ambulance attendants went to the Wooton household after receiving a 911 call for an unresponsive child. Ryder Wooton would be rushed to the hospital however would die three days later. Jacob Wooton told police that…

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  • Crime Newsjason brown

    Jason Brown Convicted In Cop Killing

    Jason Brown was just convicted in the brutal murder of a police officer in Indiana. According to court documents Jason Brown was involved in an accident where his vehicle rolled over. Southport Police Department Lt. Aaron Allan was attempting to help Jason Brown when Brown would grab a handgun and shoot the officer several times causing his death. Jason Brown…

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  • Teen KillersOmarion Wilbourn

    Omarion Wilbourn Teen Killer Murders Woman Sexually Assaults 2 More

    Omarion Wilbourn was just fifteen years old when he murdered a mother of three and sexually assaulted another woman and a teenage girl. According to court documents Omarion Wilbourn reign of terror began with two sexual assaults and would end when he murdered a mother of three inside of her own home. This teen killer would be sentenced to fifty…

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  • US Executionsteven judy

    Steven Judy Indiana Execution

    Steven Judy was executed by the State of Indiana for the murders of a mother and her children. According to court documents Steven Judy would murder Terry Lee Chasteen and her three children, Misty Ann, Steve and Mark, on April 28, 1979. Steven Judy would confess to his foster mother while he was on Indiana death row that he was…

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  • Teen Killersbennie and blade reed photos

    Bennie And Blade Reed Teen Killers

    Bennie and Blade reed were two brothers from Indiana who went searching for beer on night that ended in murder. According to court documents sixteen year old Bennie Reed and his thirteen year old brother Blade Reed were in the search for alcohol that led them to an elderly neighbors home. The two brothers in the process of robbing the…

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  • Teen Killersnickalas kedrowitz photos

    Nickalas Kedrowitz Teen Killer Smothers Siblings

    Nickalas Kedrowitz was a thirteen year old from Indiana who would murder his two infant step siblings. According to court documents Nickalas Kedrowitz would his 23-month-old half-sister, Desiree McCartney, in May 2017 and his 11-month-old stepbrother, Nathaniel Ritz, in July 2017. The now fifteen year old Nickalas Kedrowitz would be found guilty of both counts of murder. The teen killer…

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  • Death Row Inmatesindiana death row

    Indiana Death Row Inmate List

    Indiana Death Row for Men is located at the Indiana State Prison in Michigan City. The Indiana Death Row for Women is located at the Indiana’s Woman Prison in Indianapolis. The primary method of execution in Indiana is lethal injection. The Indiana Department of Corrections list its death row inmates by how long they have spent on death row. Indiana…

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  • Death Row InmatesJeffrey Weisheit Indiana Death Row

    Jeffrey Weisheit Indiana Death Row

    Jeffrey Weisheit was sentenced to death by the State of Indiana for the murders of two children. According to court documents Jeffrey Weisheit was mad at his girlfriend so he bound her two children with duct tape and set the house on fire. Autopsies would show the two young children died of smoke inhalation. Jeffrey Weisheit was arrested in Kentucky…

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  • Death Row Inmatesroy ward indiana death row

    Roy Ward Indiana Death Row

    Roy Ward was sentenced to death by the State of Indiana for the sexual assault and murder of a teenager. According to court documents Roy Ward entered a home and attacked the fifteen year old girl with a knife, while he was sexually assaulting her, the victims fourteen year old sister phoned 911. Roy Ward would stab the fifteen year…

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  • Death Row InmatesBenjamin Ritchie Indiana Death Row

    Benjamin Ritchie Indiana Death Row

    Benjamin Ritchie was sentenced to death by the State of Indiana for the murder of a police officer. According to court documents Officers noticed a stolen van and a chase began. Benjamin Ritchie would crash the vehicle and take off running followed by Officer William Toney. Benjamin Ritchie would turn around and fire striking the Officer and killing him. Benjamin…

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  • Death Row Inmatesmichael overstreet indiana death row

    Michael Overstreet Indiana Death Row

    Michael Overstreet was sentenced to death by the State of Indiana for the sexual assault and murder of a college student. According to court documents Michael Overstreet would abduct the victim, sexually assault her and then murder her by wrapping a shoe string around her throat and shooting her in the head. Michael Overstreet was arrested, convicted and sentenced to…

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  • Death Row Inmateskevin isom indiana death row

    Kevin Isom Indiana Death Row

    Kevin Isom was sentenced to death by the State of Indiana for the murders of his wife and two step children. According to court documents Kevin Isom learned that his wife was planning to leave him so he grabbed a shotgun and would shoot and kill her and her two children, Michael Moore, 16, and Ci’Andria Cole, 13. Kevin Isom…

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  • Death Row Inmateseric holmes indiana death row

    Eric Holmes Indiana Death Row

    Eric Holmes was sentenced to death by the State of Indiana for a series of murders. According to court documents Eric Holmes was fired from his job and would wait outside of the restaurant until closing times. When three employees were leaving the restaurant they were forced back inside by Eric Holmes and his accomplice Michael Vance . The employees…

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  • Death Row Inmateswilliam gibson indiana death row

    William Gibson Indiana Death Row

    William Gibson was sentenced to death by the State of Indiana for the murder of a woman. According to court documents William Gibson would murder a woman who came over to help him through the grieving process when his mother died. William Gibson would sexually assault and murder the woman. After he was arrested police would be excavate his back…

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  • Death Row InmatesJoseph Corcoran indiana death row

    Joseph Corcoran Indiana Death Row

    Joseph Corcoran was sentenced to death by the State of Indiana for the murder of a police officer. According to court documents Joseph Corcoran was upset after he heard people talking about him. Joseph Corcoran would murder shot his brother, his brother’s two friends and his sisters fiance. Joseph Corcoran would be convicted and sentenced to death. Indiana Death Row…

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