jesus macedo perez photos

Jesus Macedo-Perez Teen Killer Drive By Shooting

Jesus Macedo-Perez was seventeen when he exchanged gang signs with another teenager in Indiana that would end in murder. According to court documents Jesus Macedo-Perez was a passenger in a vehicle in Elkhart Indiana when they spotted a rival gang member, Jesus and the other teen exchanged gang sings and Macedo-Perez would pull out a […]

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zion smith jaquisha love photos

Zion Smith Teen Killer Indiana Crime Spree

Zion Smith was sixteen years old when he and a friend went on a crime spree in Indiana that would leave one person dead and four others hurt. According to prosecutors Zion Smith, upper left, and eighteen year old Jaquisha Love would go on a crime spree that only lasted a few hours however one […]

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Max Winkler Teen Killer Thrill Kill

Max Winkler was seventeen years old when he wanted to know what it would feel like to kill someone. The teen killer from Indiana would pick a random victim and would shoot the seventy three year old man three times before slitting his throat. Max Winkler would try to get off on the mentally ill […]

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hannah stone indiana photos

Hannah Stone Teen Killer Preachers Daughter

Hannah Stone was seventeen years old when she orchestrated the murder of her mother in Indiana. According to court documents Hannah Stone and her mother were having issues regarding Hannah’s boyfriend Spenser Krempetz. The mother and daughter arguments progressed to the point Hannah was booted from the residence for not breaking up with Spenser. The […]

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Jeff Pelley photos

Jeff Pelley Teen Killer Prom Night Murders

In 1989 Jeff Pelley would be arrested for the murders of four members of his family when he was seventeen years old and allegedly killed his family the night of prom. According to court documents Jeff Pelley was upset with his family regarding prom and he decided the best way to fix that situation was […]

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Chastinea Reeves photos

Chastinea Reeves Teen Killer Stabs Mother To Death

Chastinea Reeves was fifteen years old when she stabbed her mother to death in Indiana. According to court documents Chastinea Reeves mother Jamie Garnett was found dead in her Gary Indiana home and she had been stabbed more than sixty times. At first police believed that Chastinea Reeves was in danger and sent out an […]

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