Anthony Hutchens Guilty Of Murder Of Grace Ross

Anthony Hutchens

Anthony Hutchens was a fourteen year old teen killer from Indiana when he molested and murdered six year old Grace Ross. According to court documents Anthony Hutchens would molest the little six year old girl and then murdered her to cover up the sexual assault. Anthony Hutchens who attempted to tell police that a dark figure knocked him out and took control of his body and when he woke up his hands were around Grace Ross neck, needless to say no one bought his story and after a brief trial he was found guilty. Anthony Hutchens who is now sixteen years old will be sentenced at the end of March 2023

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Anthony Hutchens, the teenager accused of molesting and murdering six-year-old Grace Ross in 2021, was found guilty by a judge on Thursday.

Hutchens was originally charged with murder, felony murder, and child molesting.

The court dismissed his felony murder charge for double jeopardy concerns.

Hutchens, who is now 16 years old but was 14 at the time of the crime, was tried as an adult.

The verdict follows a two-day bench trial, in which the prosecution called up a number of witnesses, including Ross’s stepfather, who was home on the day of the murder, and a now nine-year-old girl who was playing with Ross on the day she was murdered.

On Tuesday, the court watched a 90-minute video of detectives interviewing Hutchens the same day Ross was killed.

During the interview, Hutchens said a shadowy figure knocked him out and then took control of his body, putting his hands on Ross’s neck, according to reports.

Hutchens said when he woke up, Ross was already dead, according to reports.

He will be sentenced on March 31.

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