Bennie And Blade Reed Teen Killers

bennie and blade reed photos

Bennie and Blade reed were two brothers from Indiana who went searching for beer on night that ended in murder. According to court documents sixteen year old Bennie Reed and his thirteen year old brother Blade Reed were in the search for alcohol that led them to an elderly neighbors home. The two brothers in … Read more

Justin Robinson Teen Killer Murders 12 Year Old Girl

justin robinson teen killer

Justin Robinson was fifteen years old when he lured a 12 year old girl to his garage and murdered her. According to court documents Justin Robinson and the 12 year old girl Autumn Pasquale were familiar with each other. On the day of the murder Justin Robinson lured Autumn Pasquale to his garage where the … Read more

Robert Gleason Virginia Execution

robert gleason

Robert Gleason was the last person to be executed by the State of Virginia after he was sentenced to death after two prison murders. According to court documents Robert Gleason was initially sentenced to life in prison for a murder. However once behind bars he would not stop killing. Robert Gleason would murder his first … Read more

Paul Goodwin Missouri Execution

Paul Goodwin - Missouri

Paul Goodwin was executed by the State of Missouri for the murder of a woman. According to court documents Paul Goodwin would beat to death the victim, Joan Crotts, after the woman was sexually assaulted. Paul Goodwin would be convicted and sentenced to death. Paul Goodwin would be executed by lethal injection on December 10 … Read more

Robert Holsey Georgia Execution

robert holsey photos

Robert Holsey was executed by the State of Georgia for the murder of a Sheriff Deputy. According to court documents Robert Holsey was escaping from an armed robbery when he would shoot and kill Baldwin County Sheriff’s Deputy Will Robinson. Robert Holsey was arrested, convicted and sentenced to death. Robert Holsey would be executed by … Read more