Maxwell Adams Teen Killer Murders Father

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Maxwell Adams was seventeen years old from Virginia when he would murder his father. According to court documents police responded to a 911 call and would find Maxwell Adams and his father Dennis Adams suffering from stab wounds. Dennis Adams would be pronounced dead at the scene. Maxwell Adams tried to tell police that they … Read more

David Eisenhauer Teen Killer Murders 13 Year Old Girl

David Eisenhauer

David Eisenhauer was eighteen years old when he murdered thirteen year old Nicole Madison Lovell. According to court documents David Eisenhauer thought that he may have impregnated the thirteen year old girl so he decided to murder her. Nicole Madison Lovell would be reported missing and her body was found three days later. David Eisenhauer … Read more

Thomas Porter Virginia Death Row

thomas porter virginia death row

Thomas Porter was sentenced to death by the State of Virginia for the murder of a police officer. According to court documents Thomas Porter was involved in a loud argument with his girlfriend and when Officer Reaves came to investigate the two parties would meet in the apartment parking lot. Officer Reaves would be shot … Read more

Anthony Juniper Virginia Death Row

anthony juniper virginia death row

Anthony Juniper was sentenced to death by the State of Virginia for a quadruple murder. According to court documents Anthony Juniper was upset that his girlfriend broke up with him so he proceeded to murder her, Keshia Stephens; her brother Rueben Harrison III; and two of her daughters, Nykia Stephens, 4; and Shearyia Stephens, 2. … Read more