• Teen KillersZachary Burkard

    Zachary Burkard Teen Killer Murders 2 In Virginia

    Zachary Burkard was an eighteen year old from Virginia who would murder two people over a social media beef. According to court reports Zachary Burkard was involved in an argument over social media with two high school students, 16-year-old Calvin Van Pelt and 17-year-old Ersheen Elaiaiser that escalated out of control. Zachary Burkhard would go over to a home in…

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  • Teen Killerslevi norwood

    Levi Norwood Teen Killer Murders Mother And Brother

    Levi Norwood was seventeen years old from Virginia when he would murder his mother and brother. According to court documents Levi Norwood on Valentines Day in 2020 would fatally shoot his mother, Jennifer Norwood and his six year old brother Wyatt Norwood. Levi Norwood then steal a car and flee the State however he would be arrested the next day…

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  • Crime Newsjoel mosso merino

    Joel Mosso Merino Wanted $40000 Reward

    Joel Mosso Merino is a man from Virginia who is wanted for the murder of Hannah Choi and now Crime Stoppers are offering a $40,000 reward for information on his whereabouts. According to police reports Hannah Choi was last seen on surveillance at her home in Alexandria however when police went to her home the next day she was not…

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  • Crime Newsmegan hargan

    Megan Hargan Guilty Of Double Murder

    Megan Hargan has been found guilty by a Virginia jury for the murders of her mother and sister. According to court documents Megan Hargan was deep in debt and decided the best way to pay off her debts is by killing her mother and sister and staging the double murders as a murder suicide. Police arrived at the scene and…

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  • Crime Newstyler jenkins

    Tyler Jenkins Murders Man Caught With His Wife

    Tyler Jenkins is a sailor in the US Navy who would come home and find his wife in bed with another man so he would pull out a gun and shoot him three times causing his death. According to court documents Tyler Jenkins would fatally shoot Timothy Paul Talley III, 28, three times however would not shoot his wife. When…

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  • Crime NewsDavid Lee Morse Virginia

    David Lee Morse Gets 60 Years In Prison

    David Lee Morse the former Sheriff Investigator from Virginia was sentenced to 60 years in prison for the planning of his wife’s murder. According to court documents David Lee Morse was worried that his mistress was going to tell his wife about their affair so he planned his wife’s murder with the help of three others. David Lee Morse and…

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  • Crime Newsjames flint virginia tech

    James Flint Arrested In Virginia Tech Hookah Lounge Shooting

    James Flint has been arrested in connection to the Virginia Tech hookah lounge shooting that left one person dead. According to police reports James Flint would open fire at the Virginia Tech hookah lounge Melody Hookah Lounge in Blacksburg Virginia that left one person dead and four others injured. James Flint is now facing murder charges in the death of…

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  • Crime Newsbronwyn meeks photos

    Bronwyn Meeks Pleads Guilty In Bizarre Murder

    Bronwyn Meeks is a 22 year old woman from Virginia who just plead host to a series of charges including murder. According to court documents Bronwyn Meeks, Dominic Samuels and Brennan Thomas would kidnap the victim Dylan D. Whetzel who was oddly brought to McDonald;s for what Bronwyn dubbed his last meal. Dylan was then brought to a remote area in Virginia…

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  • US ExecutionMichael Smith - Virginia

    Michael Smith Virginia Execution

    Michael Smith was executed by the State of Virginia for the sexual assault and murder of a woman. According to court documents Michael Smith who was just released from prison after serving time for sexual assault would attack, sexually assault and murder a woman. Michael Smith would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to death. Michael Smith would be executed by…

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  • US Executionmorris mason virginia execution

    Morris Mason Virginia Execution

    Morris Mason was executed by the State of Virginia for the sexual assault and murder of an elderly woman. According to court documents Morris Mason would sexually assault, murder and then set the house on fire of the elderly victim. Morris Mason who was a serial rapist would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to death. Morris Mason would be executed…

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  • US Executionlinwood and james briley

    Linwood And James Briley Executions

    Linwood and James Briley were two of three brothers who during a crime spree in Virginia would leave 11 people dead and a Nation worried when they were able to escape from death row. Linwood Briley was just seventeen years old when he would murder a pregnant woman and would spend time in a juvenile detention center. Linwood and James…

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  • Crime Newsalison parker photos

    Alison Parker And Adam Ward Murdered On Live TV

    The murders of Alison Parker and Adam Ward was a disturbing event that was caught on live TV in Virginia on August 26, 2015. According to police reports Alison Parker was a reporter who was being filed by Adam ward when Vester Lee Flanagan would walk up to the pair and opened fire killing the two WDBJ employees. Turns out…

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  • Teen Killerslee boyd malvo photos

    Lee Boyd Malvo Teen Killer DC Sniper

    Lee Boyd Malvo is a teen killer who along with John Allen Muhammad would murder ten people. According to court documents Lee Boyd Malvo and John Allen Muhammad would carry out a series of attacks using a sniper rifle that would cause the deaths of ten people around the DC area. John Allen Muhammad would be sentenced to death and…

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  • Teen Killersmaxwell adams photos

    Maxwell Adams Teen Killer Murders Father

    Maxwell Adams was seventeen years old from Virginia when he would murder his father. According to court documents police responded to a 911 call and would find Maxwell Adams and his father Dennis Adams suffering from stab wounds. Dennis Adams would be pronounced dead at the scene. Maxwell Adams tried to tell police that they were the victims of a…

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  • Teen KillersDavid Eisenhauer

    David Eisenhauer Teen Killer Murders 13 Year Old Girl

    David Eisenhauer was eighteen years old when he murdered thirteen year old Nicole Madison Lovell. According to court documents David Eisenhauer thought that he may have impregnated the thirteen year old girl so he decided to murder her. Nicole Madison Lovell would be reported missing and her body was found three days later. David Eisenhauer would stab the thirteen year…

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  • Death Row Inmatesthomas porter virginia death row

    Thomas Porter Virginia Death Row

    Thomas Porter was sentenced to death by the State of Virginia for the murder of a police officer. According to court documents Thomas Porter was involved in a loud argument with his girlfriend and when Officer Reaves came to investigate the two parties would meet in the apartment parking lot. Officer Reaves would be shot three times in the head…

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  • Death Row Inmatesanthony juniper virginia death row

    Anthony Juniper Virginia Death Row

    Anthony Juniper was sentenced to death by the State of Virginia for a quadruple murder. According to court documents Anthony Juniper was upset that his girlfriend broke up with him so he proceeded to murder her, Keshia Stephens; her brother Rueben Harrison III; and two of her daughters, Nykia Stephens, 4; and Shearyia Stephens, 2. Anthony Juniper would be arrested,…

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  • Death Row Inmatesvirgina death row

    Virginia Death Row Inmate List

    Virginia Death Row for men is located at the Sussex Virginia State Prison. Virginia is in the process of getting rid of Capital Punishment in the State. Currently there are two men on death row and they have both been there for over a decade. However Virginia has conducted the second most executions in the United States since 1977 the…

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  • Death Row InmatesFederal Death Row

    Thomas Hager Federal Death Row

    Thomas Hager was sentenced to death by the Federal Government for a murder that was committed twelve years before. According to court documents Thomas Hager was upset that a woman learned where he lived and he was worried she would tell others so he decided to kill her. Thomas Hager would go to the woman’s apartment in Virginia where she…

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  • Women On Death RowTeresa Lewis

    Teresa Lewis Execution

    Teresa Lewis was executed by the State of Virginia for the murder of her husband and stepson. Teresa Lewis would be executed by lethal injection on September 23, 2010. Lewis was the first and so far only woman to be executed in the State since 1912 Teresa Lewis was born on April 26, 1969 in Danville Virginia. Lewis would get…

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