Alton Coleman And Debra Brown Serial Killers

alton coleman

Alton Coleman and Debra Brown were two serial killers who would go on a crime spree through six states that included the murder of eight people. Eventually Alton Coleman and Debra Brown would be sentenced to death in three separate States. Alton Coleman would be executed in Ohio and Debra Brown will spend the rest … Read more

Jessica Marie Hann Women On Death Row

Jessica Marie Hann jason hann

Jessica Marie Hann who use to be known as Jason Hann was sentenced to death by the State of California for the murders of his infant daughter and son plus the attempted murder of another child. According to court documents Jessica Marie Hann (Jason Hann) would beat to death his two month old son. Two … Read more

Lorraine Hunter Women On Death Row

Lorraine Hunter women on death row

Lorraine Hunter is currently on California Death Row for the murder of her husband in order to collect the insurance money. According to court documents Lorraine Hunter took out two additional insurance policies worth over three quarters of a million dollars in the weeks preceding the murder. On the night of the murder Lorraine Hunter … Read more

Michelle Sue Tharp Women On Death Row

Michelle Sue Tharp women on death row

Michelle Sue Tharp is on Pennsylvania Death Row for the murder of her seven year old daughter. According to court documents Michelle Sue Tharp daughter Tausha Lee Lanham who was under twenty pounds when she died in 1998. Michelle Sue Tharp would be convicted and sentenced to death. Michelle Sue Tharp 2021 Information Parole Number: 983CUAge: 52Date … Read more

Antoinette Frank Women On Death Row

Antoinette Frank Women On Death Row

Antoinette Frank is on Louisiana death row for the murders of three people including a fellow police officer. At the time of the murders Antoinette Frank was working for the New Orleans Police Department as an officer. In this article on My Crime Library we are going to take a closer look at Antoinette Frank … Read more

Emilia Carr Murder Of Heather Strong

emilia carr

Emilia Carr was in a love rivalry with a woman by the name of Heather Strong that would end in murder and with Emila sent to death row in Florida. Emilia Carr was dating a man named Josh Fulgham who use to date Heather Strong and the pair had two children together. When Heather Strong … Read more