Edwin Paniagua Photos

Edwin Paniagua Teen Killer Murders Man During Robbery

Edwin Paniagua was fifteen years old when he attempted to rob a man that ended in murder. According to court documents Edwin Paniagua and Marko Guardiola decided to rob a man they met earlier that day. When at the residence the teen killer and his partner realized the victim had no money or drugs to […]

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david biro photos

David Biro Teen Killer Murders Couple

David Biro was sixteen years old when he would murder his neighbors in Illinois. According to court documents David Biro would be sent to a mental health hospital after he attempted to murder his father with poison. However soon after his release this teen killer would break into the home of a neighbor couple killing […]

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eliza wasni photos

Eliza Wasni Teen Killer Murders Uber Driver

Eliza Wasni was a sixteen year old girl from Illinois who decided she wanted to kill someone. The teen killer would steal a knife and a machete from a store before using her phone to call for an Uber. Once the driver arrived the young woman would get into the car and within minutes would […]

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bethany mckee photos

Bethany McKee Teen Killer Murders 2 In Illinois

Bethany McKee was eighteen years old when she participated in a robbery that ended with two murders. According to court documents Bethany McKee, who was pregnant at the time, and three others – Joshua Miner, Adam Landerman and Alissa Massaro planned the robbery of the two men. In the end the two men were strangled […]

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Keith Randulich photos

Keith Randulich Teen Killer Murders Sister

Keith Randulich was seventeen years old when he stabbed to death his four year old sister. According to authorities Keith Randulich would take the little girl to the basement of their home in Illinois and fatally stabbed the little girl to death. This teen killer told police he murdered his sister so she would not […]

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John Granat photos

John Granat Teen Killer – Beats Parents To Death

John Granat was seventeen when he orchestrated the murders of his parents in Illinois. According to court documents John Granat was upset with his parents because they found out he was growing marijuana in his bedroom and he figured the best way to solve the problem was to murder his parents. John Granat recruited three […]

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clifford baker photos

Clifford Baker Teen Killer – Teen Kills Sleeping Neighbors

Clifford Baker was fifteen years old when he would fatally shoot his neighbors in Illinois. According to court documents Clifford Baker would break into the home of his neighbors and shoot dead the man and woman while they slept in their bed. This teen killer would be sentenced to two life sentences without parole. Clifford […]

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Regina and Margaret DeFrancisco photos

Regina and Margaret DeFrancisco Teen Killer Twins Murder Man In Illinois

Regina and Margaret DeFrancisco are two teens from Illinois who were charged in the murder of Regina boyfriend Oscar Velazquez. According to court documents Regina and Margaret DeFrancisco lured the victim to their home and then shot the man before wrapping up his body and setting him on fire. The two teen girls would be initially […]

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Steven Pfeil photos

Steven Pfeil Teen Killer Murders 2 In Illinois

Steven Pfeil was seventeen years old when he murdered a thirteen year old girl before killing his brother.  According to court documents thirteen year old Hillary Norskog was last seen leaving a party with Steven Pfiel, three days later her body was found and she had been stabbed multiple times.  Steven Pfeil was arrested soon […]

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