Victor Salinas-Corona Teen Killer Murders Baby

Victor Salinas-Corona photos

Victor Salinas-Corona was seventeen years old from Zion Illinois when he murdered his five month old son. According to court documents Victor Salinas-Corona would slam the child’s head against the metal bars on his crib when he would not stop crying. This teen killer would be sentenced to twenty three years in prison. As you … Read more

Antonio Sanchez Teen Killer Murders Teen Girl

antonio sanchez photos

Antonio Sanchez was seventeen years old when he shot and killed nineteen year old Madison Finch in Illinois. According to court documents Madison Finch was hosting a New Years Eve party at her parents home when Antonio Sanchez walked up to the door and fatally shot Madison. The teen killer would plead guilty to murder … Read more

Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb Teen Killers

Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb

Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb were two teen killers who were raised in households full of love and money however the two would attempt to pull off the perfect murder. In this article we are going to take a closer look at Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb and the murder of Bobby Franks. Nathan Leopold … Read more

Dakota Wall Teen Killer Sets Up Sisters Murder

dakota wall

Dakota Wall would tell police she just wanted to scare her half sister Sidnee Stephens so she arranged for four of her friends Robbie Mueller, James Glazier, Chad Bennett, and Carl Dane who would force their way into the home and kidnap the fifteen year old girl. Sidnee Stephens would be forced into the trunk … Read more

Ronald Mikos Federal Death Row

ronald mikos federal death row

Doctor Ronald Mikos was sentenced to death by the Federal Government for the murder of a witness who was set to testify against him in a Medicare fraud case. According to court documents Ronald Mikos had billed Medicare for thousands of surgeries that he did not perform. When Mikos was notified that he was going … Read more

Alton Coleman And Debra Brown Serial Killers

alton coleman

Alton Coleman and Debra Brown were two serial killers who would go on a crime spree through six states that included the murder of eight people. Eventually Alton Coleman and Debra Brown would be sentenced to death in three separate States. Alton Coleman would be executed in Ohio and Debra Brown will spend the rest … Read more