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Cierra Coker Charged With Sophia Faye Davis Murder

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Cierra Coker has been charged with murder in the death of one year old Sophia Faye Davis, According to police documents an ambulance was called to a Illinois home where they would find  Sophia Faye Davis suffering from life threatening injuries, the little girl would later die from her injuries. An autopsy report would reveal the little girl had died from a traumatic brain injury caused by a blunt force blow to the head. Cierra Coker was arrested and has been charged with first degree murder and aggravated battery.

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Results of an autopsy performed on February 10 on a one-year-old child who died earlier this month indicate she died as a result of a traumatic brain injury, due to blunt force injuries of the head, according to Sangamon County Coroner Jim Allmon.

Allmon said the death is considered suspicious in nature and under investigation by the Sangamon County Coroner and the Lincoln Police Department.

Sophia Faye Davis was rushed to HSHS St. John’s Hospital by EMS on February 6, 2022 from Logan County. She died on February 8, 2022 at 12:27 p.m. at HSHS St. John’s Hospital.

The Lincoln Police Department arrested Cierra Coker, 20, on Wednesday on charges of first degree murder and aggravated battery in connection to the death of the child.

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  1. Let me put the disgusting nature of this in perspective. My baby has a big old head and he was really clumsy and would fall and often hit his head and we have hard wood floors on concrete slab foundation. Worried and completely at my wits end I told my doctor my son had taken some solid tumbles and i have heard horror stories about babies rolling off couches and getting traumatic brain injury and he has rolled off the couch ans hit his head and he would be standing up and supporting himself and then get distracted by something or movement near him shifted his center of gravity and he would let go and fall over backwards. Babies are weird and do this type of thing. I told him that i know that a significant amount of problems in life stem from head injuries. He has hit his head enough that im worried he is going to check several boxes on the dsm 5. He cpuntered me with: God designed babies so they absorb impact from these infrequent but expected events. They have to learn how to stand and walk and run and that comes with many falls and scrapes and hits. My doctor told me that out of 100 falls of this caliber maybe one would result in skull fracture and traumatic injury. He suggested that if a baby was 12 feet up and thrown down this might do it. Writing that has me feeling physically ill. What I’m getting at is that you would have to use extreme adrenaline packed Mike tyson rage to cause the level of injuries these babies. Or you would have to bash over and over and over. This is what is so evil and absolutely disgusting about these people. Instead of walking away to cool down and understanding that babies have no life experience and can’t compartmentalize their emotions and how to communicate and express their antagonisms. Expressing ones needs only comes with time and guidance.. instead of breathing and realizing this these people choose to attack the most helpless and innocent like they’re in a bar brawl with the terminator. As if a little hug, a bottle, diaper change, maybe a little bath, a gentle back rub or a gentle tap on the butt while holding the baby to your chest- can stop the crying and relax the baby. We have sex crazed and retard strong morons out there that think the baby is doing it on purpose. Seriously people need to go to classes before the parents are allowed to leave with the baby. Everyone all complaining about being marginalized by this or that. I’m a jew or I’m black or I’m a woman or I’m gay or I’m trans or I’m a republican or Democrat or I’m persecuted because I’m fat or poor. The one factual and stand alone victim on this planet that has the worst deal and no choice to leave, no reasoning, and no way to escape are babies and children. If you are born into a family that has dysfunction, constant tension, abuse, neglect and lazy internet addicted gamer parents or addicts the children so screwed. This class of victims are so prevalent and overlooked and mistreated it makes antisemitic extremism look ridiculous and like it belongs as a contestant on thr bozo the clown show. Children are forced out of their cocoons too early damaging them psychologically and imparing their ability to process social and societal complexities in a broken way. Neglect and inattentive parents create a lack of drive and bad immune systems that plague later life with long diagnoses and emotional disturbances. Often if mom has a constant flow revolving door with males that she never can land or they are around for a while and then attachment starts to sink in and then they’re gone cause behavioral disorders and self esteem issues. Mom is more interested in meeting men and going to the club and hooking up with random impared men and then the child takes in the way relationships are and how men and women relate and this is the worst example because mom is cheapened and nobody sticks around and functions and flows together. Often hangovers add to the neglect and disconnect and the phone is convenience and distraction from bonding and communicating with the helpless and actively deteriorating opportunity for the child to have a positive self esteem and a love of learning and discovery. These kids usually end up in the e.r. with traumatic injuries of all kinds.

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