Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb Teen Killers

Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb

Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb were two teen killers who were raised in households full of love and money however the two would attempt to pull off the perfect murder. In this article we are going to take a closer look at Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb and the murder of Bobby Franks. Nathan Leopold … Read more

Joshua Nelson Florida Death Row

joshua nelson

Joshua Nelson was sentenced to death by the State of Florida for a robbery murder. According to court documents Joshua Nelson and Keith Brennan planned to rob an acquaintance of theirs in order to steal his car. The pair would beat Tommy Owens to death with a baseball bat and by multiple stab wounds. Joshua … Read more

Jason Sweeney Murder

jason sweeney

Jason Sweeney was a sixteen year old from Fishtown, Pennsylvania who would be brutally murdered by the girl he was dating, a friend since childhood and two brothers. Jason Sweeney had recently started dating Justina Morley a troubled fifteen year old girl. Jason who had been working construction was excited for the date he had … Read more

Robert Thompson and Jon Venables Teen Killers

Robert Thompson and Jon Venables Teen Killers

Robert Thompson and Jon Venables murdered a little boy that shook the world. According to court documents Robert and Jon who were both ten at the time, lured two year old James Bulger away from his mother. The two pre teen killers would torture the child before murdering him by dropping a heavy metal bar on the … Read more

Zachary Callens Teen Killer Murders Sleeping Parents

Zachary Callens was sixteen when he murdered his parents as they slept in Texas. According to court documents Zachary Callens was upset that his parents were thinking of sending him to a public school and that they were strict so he decided to murder them. Zachary Callens would put on headphones and enter his parents … Read more