Jayden Straight Teen Killer Murders 8 Month Old Child

Jayden Straight Teen Killer

Jayden Straight was seventeen years old when he murdered his eight month old child. According to court documents Jayden violently shook the small infant to such a degree her skull was fractured causing her death. This teen killer was charged and convicted of second degree murder and willful injury to a child and was sentenced to a … Read more

Michael Swanson Teen Killer Murders 2 Store Clerks

Michael Swanson Teen Killer

Michael Swanson was seventeen when he would shoot and kill two clerks during two robberies. According to court documents Michael Swanson who is from Minnesota would travel to Iowa to rob a store where he would shoot and kill the store clerk. He would travel to another Iowa county where he would kill another store … Read more

Isaiah Sweet Teen Killer Murders Grandmother

Isaiah Sweet Teen Killer

Isaiah Sweet was seventeen years old when he murdered his grandparents with an automatic rifle. According to court documents Isaiah Sweet grandparents had called police over a dozen time in a month’s period in order to get help for the troubled youngster however the system fell through. On Mother’s Day weekend the teen killer would … Read more

Ruthann Veal Teen Killer Murders Elderly Woman

Ruthann Veal was fourteen when she stabbed a woman to death. According to court documents Ruthann Veal had run away from the group home she was in and during an attempted robbery would stab the victim twenty three times causing her death. Initially Ruthann Veal was sentenced to life in prison without parole however it … Read more

Tran Walker Teen Killer Murders 2 Teenagers

tran walker photos

Tran Walker was seventeen when he stabbed his ex girlfriend and his friend to death. According to court documents Tran Walker arranged to meet his ex girlfriend and when he arrived he would stab the young woman over fifty times, when his friend tried to intervene he was also fatally stabbed. This teen killer would be sentenced … Read more

Noah Crooks Teen Killer Murders Mother

Noah Crooks Teen Killer

Noah Crooks was thirteen years old when he murdered his mother. This teen killer would shoot his mother over twenty times causing her death. When asked about what his punishment should be for killing his mother he said he thought he would be grounded. Needless to say the judge did not feel the same way and sentenced … Read more