school shooting

gabe parker teen killer photos

Gabe Parker Teen Killer Kentucky School Shooter

Gabe Parker was fifteen years old when he brought a gun to school in Kentucky that would leave two fellow students dead. According to prosecutors Gabe Parker entered Marshall County High School shortly before 8 a.m. on Jan. 23 opening fire with a handgun leaving two students dead and fourteen others injured. This teen killer […]

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evan ramsey photos

Evan Ramsey Teen Killer School Shooter Alaska

Evan Ramsey was sixteen years old when he murdered two people in a school shooting in Alaska. According to court documents Evan Ramsey walked into Bethel Regional High School and opened fire killing one student, he would then fire and injure a fellow student and teacher before murdering the principal. This teen killer would be […]

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Eric Hainstock photos

Eric Hainstock Teen Killer School Shooter

Eric Hainstock was fifteen when he brought a gun to a Wisconsin school and shot his principal. According to court documents Eric Hainstock brought a shotgun and a revolver to the school and would shoot the principal three times causing his death. This teen killer would try to tell the jury the gun went off […]

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Jesse Osborne photos

Jesse Osborne Teen Killer Murders Father And 6 Year Old Boy In South Carolina

Jesse Osborne was fourteen years old when he fatally shot his father and then drove to an elementary school where he would fatally shoot a six year old boy. According to court documents Jesse Osborne would fatally shoot his father who has been described as abusive before driving to Townville Elementary School where he would open […]

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Nathaniel Berhow School Shooter photos

Nathaniel Berhow School Shooter Santa Clarita

Santa Clarita School Shooting There has been yet another school shooting, this time it was in Santa Clarita California and the reported gunman is sixteen year old Nathaniel Berhow. According to various news stations Nathaniel Berhow walked into Saugus High School and opened fire killing two classmates and injuring three more. The teen gunman would […]

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nikolaus cruz florida

Nikolas Cruz Offers To Plead Guilty To Avoid Death Penalty

Nikolas Cruz Offers To Plead Guilty   Nikolas Cruz is offering to plead guilty to seventeen counts of murder if the State of Florida takes the death penalty off of the table.  Nikolas Cruz who walked into Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, pulled the fire alarm and opened fire killing seventeen students and teachers and […]

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