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  • Crime Newswilliam mccue carina mccue

    William and Carina McCue Charged In Fatal Fire

    William and Carina McCue are from Georgia and have now been charged in the fatal fire that killed their ten year old daughter however the story that is coming out is so much worse. Back in April 2022 William and Carina McCue son, a fifteen year old boy who has not been publicly named, set fire to their home and…

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  • Crime NewsArthur Williamson

    Arthur Williamson Charged In Detroit Anchors Murder

    Arthur Williamson has been charged in Michigan with the murder of news anchor Jim Matthews as well as the attacks on other family members. According to police Arthur Williamson, who was known to the family, would fatally stab Jim Matthews as well as injure 10-year-old son and 5-year-old daughter and the 35-year-old mother of the kids who are believed to…

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  • Crime NewsVictoria Moreno

    Victoria Moreno Charged With Toddlers Murder

    Victoria Moreno is a woman from Illinois who pushed her nephew off of a pier and then watched him drown. The little boy was rescued by a stranger thirty minutes after he was in the water however the damage was already done. The little boy,  Josiah Brown, has now passed from the injuries and Victoria Moreno is now charged with…

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  • Crime NewsBolanle Fadairo

    Bolanle Fadairo Charged With Double Murder In Texas

    Bolanle Fadairo has been charged with the murders of a father and his two year old son in a sickening case coming out of Texas. According to police reports Bolanle Fadairo would fatally shoot the victim after the two had arranged a meeting and then Fadairo would drive off in a vehicle with a two year old boy in the…

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  • Crime Newstravis ray thompson

    Travis Ray Thompson Charged With Toddler’s Murder

    Travis Ray Thompson has been charged with the brutal murder of a toddler in Florida. According to police reports Travis Ray Thompson was mad that the toddler’s mother had broken up with him and took it out on the child. Travis Ray Thompson allegedly severed the spine of the toddler which led to the child bleeding to death. Now Travis…

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  • Crime Newsdhante jackson

    Dhante Jackson Arrested In Sophia Mason Murder

    Dhante Jackson has been arrested for the murder of eight year old Sophia Mason. According to police reports Dhante Jackson has been wanted since the police found the body of Sophia Mason on March 11 2022. Police who already had Sophia Mason mother, Samantha Johnson, in custody on previous child abuse charges issued a warrant for Dhante Jackson arrest. According…

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  • Crime NewsDevin Williams Jr.

    Sheriff Deputy Devin Williams Jr Charged In Double Murder

    A Northern California Sheriff Deputy Devin Williams Jr has been charged with the double murders of a husband and wife in Dublin California. According to police reports Devin Williams Jr went to the Dublin home where he shot and killed Benison and Maria Tran before fleeing the area. Devin Williams Jr would later turn himself over to authorities. According to…

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  • Crime NewsTaahviya Chapman

    Taahviya Chapman Charged With Murder In Fatal Road Rage

    Taahviya Chapman is a woman from Ohio who attempted to murder her baby’s father by running him over with a vehicle however she killed an innocent bystander instead. According to police reports Taahviya Chapman would aim her car at her baby’s daddy and managed to hit him but also struck an innocent bystander who would later die from his injuries.…

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  • Crime Newsmyles sanderson

    Myles Sanderson Dies In Police Custody Saskatchewan Stabbing

    Myles Sanderson the second suspect in the Saskatchewan Stabbing spree that left ten dead and eighteen injured is dead. According to police Myles Sanderson (photo left) was taken into police custody and shortly after he was found in medical distress and rushed to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead. Since he died in police custody an inquest will…

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  • Crime NewsEliza Fletcher

    Body Found In Eliza Fletcher Search

    Police in Memphis Tennessee have announced that during the search for Eliza Fletcher a body has been found. The Memphis Tennessee police were quickly to add that the body has not yet been properly identified. In the last couple of days Memphis police have arrested convicted felon Cleotha Abston who has been charged with aggravated kidnapping and tampering with evidence.…

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  • Crime Newsdamien sanderson

    Update: Saskatchewan Stabbing Suspect Damien Sanderson Found Dead

    One of the suspects, Damien Sanderson, in the deadly Saskatchewan stabbing spree has been found dead and the manhunt continues for his brother Myles Sanderson. According to police reports the body of Damien Sanderson was found in a high grass area near the home of one of the victims, police are saying that the wounds do not look like they…

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  • Crime Newsdamian sanderson myles sanderson

    Damien And Myles Sanderson Canada Stabbing Spree Leaves 10 Dead

    A manhunt is going on in the Canadian provinces of Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba for Damien and Myles Sanderson who are believed to be responsible for a stabbing spree that has left ten people dead and fifteen others injured. According to early police reports there are over a dozen crime spree and police believe some of the stabbings were deliberate…

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  • Crime NewsCleotha Abston

    Cleotha Abston Charged In Eliza Fletcher Kidnapping

    Cleotha Abston has been charged with the kidnapping of Memphis Tennessee woman Eliza Fletcher. According to police reports Eliza Fletcher was jogging near the University of Memphis when she disappeared. Clotha Abston who has been described as a violent felon who served time for kidnapping and robbery would be arrested and has been charged with aggravated kidnapping and tampering with…

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  • Crime NewsStephen Marlow

    Stephen Marlow Captured In Kentucky

    Stephen Marlow was captured in Kentucky after fleeing from Ohio where he has been charged in a quadruple murder. According to police in Ohio Stephen Marlow would shoot and kill four people, Clyde Knox, 82, Eva Knox, 78, Sarah Anderson, 41, and Kayla Anderson, 15 before fleeing the State. The FBI would issue an alert and Stephen Marlow would be…

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  • Crime NewsDrue Scott Burd

    Drue Scott Burd Murders Infant

    Drue Scott Burd is a man from Pennsylvania who was just sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for the beating death of a sixteen month old infant. According to court documents Drue Scott Burd who was watching over sixteen month old Angela Elizabeth Jones Beard when he would beat the child so badly the infant would suffer severe…

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  • Crime NewsAzuradee France

    Azuradee France Charged After Boy Found In Freezer

    Azuradee France is a woman from Detroit Michigan after police found the body of her three year old son dead in a freezer. According to police reports a wellness check was performed at her home and officers found the body of three year old Chase Allen was found dead in the freezer and the little boy had been there for…

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  • Crime NewsDarlene Brister

    Darlene Brister Charged With 3 Kids Murders

    Darlene Brister is a woman from Georgia who has just been charged with the murders of 3 children and attempted to kill 2 more. According to police reports Darlene Brister would stab five of the children in the home before setting the house on fire. Three of the children would die from their injuries and the two others would be…

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  • Crime NewsJoe Louis Esquivel

     Joe Louis Esquivel Murders 3 Coworkers

     Joe Louis Esquivel has been charged with three murders with the murders of his coworkers in Maryland. According to police reports  Joe Louis Esquivel, who is from West Virginia, would go to his workplace, Columbia Machine Inc, and would open fire killing three of his coworkers and firing at several more employees.  Joe Louis Esquivel would be involved in a…

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  • Crime Newsjacob scott

    Jacob Scott Gets 85 Years In Prison For Child Rape

    Jacob Scott is a sexual predator from Mississippi who was just sentenced to 85 years in prison for the sexual assault of a fourteen year old girl dozens of times and the girl ended up pregnant. Instead of staying in Mississippi to face a host of charges Jacob Scott would run and fake his death. However two years later Jacob…

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  • Crime Newsdaniel issac marquez florida

    10 YR Old Daniel Issac Marquez Arrested For School Shooting Threat

    Ten year old Daniel Issac Marquez was arrested for making threats regarding a school shooting in Florida. According to police reports Daniel Issac Marquez made threats on social media stating that he was planning a school shooting at Patriot Elementary School in Cape Coral Florida and that he scammed a friend for money and bought an automatic rifle. Needless to…

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