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Kimberli Jones Attempts To Steal Child At Walmart

Kimberli Jones

Kimberli Jones is a woman from Colorado who attempted to steal a child at a local Walmart. According to police reports Kimberli Jones attempted to grab a child from a shopping cart inside of the Walmart however she was stopped by a Good Samaritan who was able to keep the child safe and others held Kimberli Jones until police arrived. Now Kimberli Jones is facing charges of kidnapping, menacing, child abuse, and disorderly conduct

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A woman is accused of attempting to take a young child from a Walmart, and investigators say good Samaritans stepped in to stop it from becoming a kidnapping. 

Kimberli Jones, 50, of Blanca was arrested by Alamosa Police Department after witnessed say she tried to grab a child from a shopping cart at a Walmart on Feb. 9. 

According to the Alamosa PD Facebook post, it was just before 1 p.m. when officers were called to the Walmart in Alamosa in response to am attempted kidnapping. 

Investigators say the suspect, who was identified as Jones, was being restrained by people, whose quick actions kept her from getting away with the child. Police say they had also already reunited the child with their parents. 

Alamosa PD says this was an isolated incident.

Jones was taken to Alamosa County Detention Center, and she faces charges for kidnapping, felony menacing, child abuse and disorderly conduct.

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