Monica Figueroa Murders 4 Yr Old Son

Monica Figueroa texas

Monica Figueroa is a woman from Texas who has admitted to killing her four year old son as her mother watched. According to police reports Monica Figueroa would roll up her four year old son Greyson Hurt in a blanket and proceeded to stab it multiple times with a knife. The child’s grandmother Mary Johnson would phone 911 and tell police she was worried about her daughter hurting her grandson but did not attempt to stop her. When police showed up at the Texas residence they would find Greyson Hurt deceased.

Police in Henderson County would report that Monica Figueroa told her mother to leave the residence and when Mary Johnson returned she would find her Grandson deceased and called police. When confronted by police Monica Figueroa would make a full confession and would be arrested and charged with capital murder. Mary Johnson would be arrested and charged with endangering a child

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The mother of an East Texas woman who officials say confessed to murdering her 4-year-old son has been arrested.

According to the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office, on Monday, officials arrested Monica Figueroa, of Athens, in connection with the death of her 4-year-old son, Grayson Hurt. 

Henderson County Sheriff Botie Hillhouse says Figueroa confessed to killing her son when she was being questioned and is currently awaiting arraignment at the Henderson County Jail

Sheriff Hillhouse also says Figueroa only had one child in her home as she doesn’t have custody of her other children. 

Around 6:40 a.m., Athens police were called to the 300 block of Mitchell Street in Athens by from Mary Johnson, Figueroa’s mother. 

The HCSO says Johnson told police she was afraid Figueroa had hurt her son. When officers arrived on scene, they located Figueroa then found Hurt dead inside the home, partially covered with a blanket.

“Athens police officers then obtained a search warrant signed by 392nd District Judge Scott McKee to search the residence,” the HCSO said. “The Athens Police Department also contacted the Henderson County Crimes Against Children Task Force to assist in the investigation.”

The HCSO says the initial investigation indicates the child was killed with an “edged weapon.”

The child’s body was sent to Dallas for autopsy.

The HCSO reports, on Monday while investigating the crime scene at a home, authorities learned the child was killed on Sunday afternoon.

Sheriff Hillhouse says Johnson saw Figueroa on top of a rolled up blanket cutting it with a wooden handled knife.

“Johnson heard the child screaming before she observed Figueroa cutting at the blanket and then the screaming stopped,” Sheriff Hillhouse said. “Figueroa threatened Johnson and instructed her to leave which she did.”

According to Sheriff Hillhouse, Johnson returned to the home the next morning and found the child dead. Johnson then called law enforcement.

Judge Scott McKee issued an arrest warrant Johnson who was arrested and booked into the Henderson County Hail on $250,000 bond. She was charged with endangering a child.

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