Megan Staude Murders Newborn

Megan Staude

Megan Staude is a woman from Iowa who has been charged with the murder of her newborn and her father helped her. According to police reports Megan Staude would give birth at home and would immediately put the newborn in a box and ignore the child for two days. Megan Staude father Rodney Staude would put the box into a trash bag, the newborn was still alive at this point, and would dispose of it in a ditch.

When Megan Staude went back to work and her coworkers noticed that she was no longer pregnant and her story was all over the place they would contact police. After speaking with Megan Stuade she would initially say the baby died on the way to the hospital and then later told police the actual story. Police would recover the body of the newborn using cadaver dogs.

Megan Staude would be arrested and has been charged with first degree murder and her father Rodney Staude would be arrested and charged with first degree murder

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A Norwalk woman and her father have been charged with first degree murder in the death of a newborn baby.

According to court documents, Megan Staude, 25, gave birth to the baby boy in late February. But officials say she put the baby in a box and didn’t care for him for two days.

Staude’s father, 64-year-old Rodney Staude, allegedly helped her place the baby in a trash bag. He was still alive at the time, according to court documents. The baby stayed alive for several minutes before he stopped moving.

The bag with the baby’s dead body was then placed in a ditch outside Norwalk. Police later used cadaver dogs to help find the body.

Authorities said Megan Staude gave them conflicting information about the death of the baby. She initially told authorities the baby had died on the way to the hospital, and she was told to go bury him. She later admitted to the circumstances of the baby’s death, according to court documents.

Police told KCCI that Megan Staude’s coworkers grew suspicious and contacted police after noticing she was no longer pregnant, and her story didn’t add up.

An autopsy has been conducted, and results are pending. The investigation remains ongoing.

Officials from Iowa Health and Human Services said cases like this highlight the importance of Safe Haven Laws.

Any child up to 90 days old can be left at any hospital or health care facility, and parents will not face any prosecution.

People can also surrender babies by calling 911.

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