Jose Marquez Stabs 2 Lambs To Death

Jose Marquez Gonzales High School

Jose Marquez is a man from Gonzales California who has been charged with a number of animal abuse charges for a crime that left two lambs dead. According to police reports Jose Marquez was mad following a fight with his mother and headed to Gonzales High School where he attacked a number of animals that belonged to high school students. When his rampage was over Jose Marquez would stab two lambs that would die from their injuries and also another lamb and a pig which are both expected to survive their injuries.

Jose Marquez would be arrested in the bizarre crime and has been charged with four counts of felony animal abuse with an allegation that the crime involved a deadly or dangerous weapon, felony resisting a police officer and felony burglary. Jose Marquez who is a convicted felon now faces 19 years in prison.

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The man accused of bludgeoning two sheep to death was arraigned in a Salinas courtroom Monday.

Monterey County District Attorney Jeannine M. Pacioni said that Jose Jesse Marquez, 31, was arraigned on four counts of felony animal abuse with an allegation that the crime involved a deadly or dangerous weapon, felony resisting a police officer and felony burglary.

Pacioni also stated that Marquez was charged with an enhancement for a prior strike conviction and “numerous factors in aggravation.”

The judge, in this case, said Marquez would not be given bail.

The district attorney’s office said he arrived at the Gonzales High School grounds to take a tool on Feb. 18 at around 2:29 a.m. Marquez became upset with his mother, approached the barn area, and stabbed multiple animals belonging to the students.

Two lambs died, and one lamb and a pig survived the attack, said Pacioni. Then when law enforcement approached the suspect he refused to comply with police and “threatened to commit violence towards the officer booking him.”

If convicted, Marquez could face 19 years and eight months in prison, given a past 2018 domestic violence strike conviction.

DA: Gonzales suspect that killed two lambs faces 19 years in prison – KION546

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A 31-year-old man has been charged with felony animal abuse and other offenses for allegedly stabbing and killing farm animals at Gonzales High School earlier this month, Monterey County prosecutors said Tuesday.

Jose Marquez, a resident of Gonzalez, was arraigned Monday on the felony abuse charge as well as burglary and resisting police for the Feb. 18 stabbing that killed two lambs and injured a third along with a pig, according to the Monterey County District Attorney’s Office. 

The animals were part of the school’s 4-H program.

Gonzales police said they used surveillance footage to identify the attacker as Marquez, who was arrested last Thursday after a short struggle. 

Marquez allegedly confessed to entering the campus on his bicycle with the intention of stealing a tool, then said he “felt angry” and bludgeoned the animals before leaving, police said.

At his court hearing Monday, a Monterey County Superior Court judge denied bail for Marquez, who has a prior conviction in 2018 for domestic violence and faces up to 19 years and eight months in prison if convicted of all charges, according to the District Attorney’s Office.

Man charged with animal abuse in stabbing of high school farm animals – CBS San Francisco (

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