Rachael Mullenix photos

Rachael Mullenix Teen Killer Daughter Murders Mother

Rachael Mullenix was sixteen when she was arrested for the murder of her mother in California. According to court documents Rachael Mullenix was upset that her mother wanted to end the relationship with her daughters boyfriend Ian Allen. The mothers body would be found floating in the bay near Newport Harbour Yacht Club and she […]

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Heather D'Aoust Photos

Heather D’Aoust Teen Killer Murders Mother With A Hammer

Heather D’Aoust was fourteen when she beat to death her foster mother. According to court documents Heather D’Aoust and her mother were involved in an argument which went bad in a hurry and the California teen would beat to death the victim with a hammer. Heather D’Aoust would also injure her father in the attack. […]

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Miguel Crespo photos

Miguel Crespo California Death Row

Miguel Crespo has been sentenced to death in California for the murder of his cellmate. According to court documents Miguel Crespo was paired up with a transgender inmate and it went bad from the start. Within eight hours of the two being paired up the victim was bound, tortured and murdered. This case brought the […]

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Dorothea Puente photos

Dorothea Puente Serial Killer – The Landlady From Hell

Dorothea Puente may look like your friends Grandmother but this serial killer is responsible for as many as fifteen murders. According to reports Dorothea Puente ran a rooming house in Sacramento California who preferred to rent to elderly and mentally disabled clients. For Dorothea Puenta would murder the before mentioned borders and cash in their […]

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raul castro

Raul Castro Teen Killer Murders 4 Year Old In California

Raul Castro was fourteen years old when he murdered a four year old boy. According to court documents Raul Castro would lure a four year old boy into his home and would sexually assault him. When the boy started to cry Raul would put the child into a bathtub where he would drown the child. […]

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Nolen Buchanan mugshot photos

Nolen Buchanan Teen Killer Murders Family In California

Nolen Buchanan was just sixteen years old when he murdered his entire family in California. According to court documents Nolen would open fire on his father, stepmother, younger half brother before setting the cabin on fire. This teen killer would be tried as an adult and after being convicted of the four murders would be […]

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Cindy Collier and Shirley Wolf photos

Cindy Collier and Shirley Wolf Teen Killers

Fourteen year old Shirley Wolf and fifteen year old Cindy Collier had just met the day before the murder that shook a community.  According to court documents the two teenage girls decided the best way to get out of their town was to steal a car and the best way to steal a car was […]

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Ted Bundy Photos

Ted Bundy Serial Killer – The Boy Next Door

Theodore Bundy was the boy next door and also one of the most prolific serial killers of all time.  Ted Bundy whose murderous ways began possibly in 1971, Bundy was also a star class liar so some details are muddy, when he kidnapped and murdered a woman in Seattle.  Over the next five years Theodore […]

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Rodney Alcala serial killer photos

Rodney Alcala Serial Killer – The Dating Game Killer

Rodney Alcala is a serial killer from California who was convicted of seven murders though authorities believe his body count could easily break a hundred.  Rodney who grew up in Texas before the family moved to Mexico and after his father abandoned the family moved to Los Angeles with his mother.  Alcala tried to join […]

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