Courtney Williams Charged With Killing 2 Children

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Courtney Williams is a woman from Yuba County California who has been arrested for drowning her two children. According to police reports Courtney William’s husband had arrived home for lunch and was told by his wife that she had hurt their children. The two children who were aged two years old and five month olds old were drowned in the bathtub. The husband would call police and Courtney Williams would be arrested. At this time no motive is known for the double murder.

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Authorities arrested a mother in Linda who is suspected of drowning her infant and toddler children in the family’s bathtub, the Yuba County Sheriff’s Office said Thursday.

Courtney Williams, 25, was arrested at the family’s home on Sunshine Avenue just before noon Wednesday after the father of the children called 911 to report possible drownings.

Deputies who responded to the home found the unresponsive children — five-month-old Holden and 2-year-old Ronin — in the bathroom. Despite CPR attempts, the children were declared dead at the scene, authorities said.

“The tragic loss of five-month-old Holden and his two-and-a-half-year old brother Ronin reverberates throughout our department and into the community,” Yuba County Sheriff Wendell Anderson said Thursday. “There are no words to adequately describe the sadness we feel for the family at this time.”

Investigators said the children’s father arrived home from work for lunch just before noon when Williams allegedly told him she had hurt the children. He then reportedly found the two boys in a bathtub full of water.

Investigators said the drowning appears to be intentional at this time, but the investigation remains active in the very early stages.

Yuba County Mother Suspected Of Drowning Her 2 Young Children In Bathtub

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